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Front Mission
As Her Memory takes to the Sky
Classical Submitter(s): Jormungand
MP3 Splendid Performance Final Round
Download: [Download (6330k)]
Comment: When pondering on what to remix as a submission for the final round, the chord progression of "Within Living Memory..."from Front Mission just sort of found it's way into my sequencer. Imagine that. Still, whether the beginning of this endeavor was planned out or completely spontaneous, I'm glad I finally got to sit down and arrange one of my favorite compositions from one of my favorite composers--miss Noriko Matsueda. I think I was going for a quasi-trip-hop feel in the first section, although it came down to much less of a distinct background sound than I had wanted. Fortunately, I think I made up for any misgivings about the first section with the second, a jazzy, downtempo piano solo underlined with a laidback acoustic drum part. Hopefully my rendition of Kalen's theme adds a new dimension to the beautiful original, and perhaps even open up more ears to Matsueda's music.


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