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Final Fantasy Tactics
Gold Leaf
Piano Submitter(s): Anthony "The Sinned Knight" Marceau
Download: [Download (3168.53k)]
The Monastery
Classical Submitter(s): Francis "Fermat's Last Theorem" Gayon
Download: [Download (7325.04k)]
Comment: This is a toned down version of one of my favorite battle themes, inspired by the first round of TGA 2009. It doesn't have the same intensity and fire, but it keeps with it an air of defiance. I also grabbed the opening music to the game, made a triple-time variation, and included it in the remix just before the reprise of the main theme I used. I found the piano segments of the opening theme to be simply wonderful for transitions. The simplicity of the said fragments also allowed sufficient room to play around with.
Composed for piano and cello using Sibelius 5 and rendered by Kouen using SONAR 7 Producer Edition.
Please Remember This
Trance Submitter(s): Gwilym Wogan
MP3 Sonic Revolution Submission
Download: [Download (6658.12k)]
Comment: An arrangement of the Load/Save screen from FFT. This is yet another attempt at a remix concept I had back in 2000; one which I still don't feel I've done true justice to (mainly due to the Sonic Revolution deadline sneaking up on me - also, because of this, the mastering is non-existent and the song is almost completely absent of nuance)... last time it was done in my arrangement 'memories' as a cheesy 80s ending theme; this time it's cheesy early 90s quasi-RnB. Enjoy?
Attack at Orbonne
Trance Submitter(s): Tom Plets
Download: [Download (1271.93k)]
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