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The Grand Audition 2009
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Valiant Heart Rexy
Comments and Score Breakdown
Criterion Fermat's Last Theorem Unpetitmax Nyx Judges' Subtotal Readers Readers' Subtotal Total
Theme 10 10 10 5 9.73 4.86 9.86
Remix 32 33 28 15.5 28.91 14.46 29.96
Creativity 41 40 41 20.33 37.73 18.86 39.2
Production 9 9 9 4.5 8.91 4.45 8.95
Total 92 92 88 45.33 85.27 48.64 87.97
87.97 - First Place
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Fermat's Last Theorem: What I loved most about this rather busy, quasi-theme-and-variations piece was its dynamism. It starts out solemnly, as in the intro and the first part of the theme, but quickly shifts into a more cheerful one upon repeat of the latter. This mood is maintained until the the piano erupts into the first of two repeats in the form of a con brio segment at 1:59, with thick and heavy chords, before entering a series of delicate descending arpeggios. A brief pseudo-development part features the return of vigor and a very well-incorporated Terra. I must say, though, that the second (and final) repeat at 4:20 didn't feel all too climactic despite the sequence that led to it, primarily because of the grandiose con brio segment beforehand. I suppose it would've been better if you held back a bit in the middle segment, as it turned out to be as busy as the supposed climax. Nevertheless, the ending was lovely as you ended a predominantly furious piece the same way you began it, albeit more of dolce than solemn. All in all, it was simply delightful.

Unpetitmax: What I like here is that the piece has a begining as well as an end, with different moods in between. The piece flows very well and the interpretation is energetic and personal. It feels like a complete song.

Nyx: This piece literally makes me feel as though I'm floating on air. It's a beautiful composition that moves very smoothly and makes me feel like someone is dancing effortlessly through the sky. The movement is very sharp and precise towards the middle, yet soft and delicate as it builds. Although it differs greatly from the original piece, I'd easily listen to this version over the original track, even though this is one of my favourite themes from the Final Fantasy VI soundtrack. Kudos to the composer!

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