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Midpoint 10.16.2009
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"Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life."
- Jean Paul Richter
Azure Reflections
Francis "Fermat's Last Theorem" Gayon The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time | Serenade of Water
Author's Comments

This remix is based on a very short, seven-measure theme from what some would argue as the greatest RPG of all time. It is one of my favorites among the six "colored" songs, i.e. the songs on the menu represented by a colored semiquaver, tied with the Minuet of the Forest. The challenge was in extending this very short theme into a somewhat substantial remix. I didn't want to use other themes, so as to "preserve the purity of the water." Then, an idea came to mind—why not utilize retrogrades and inversions (part of Schönberg's twelve-tone technique)? It meshed well with the idea of "reflections on water," anyway. And so, this piece came into being.

Composed for flute, horns, glockenspiel, harp, choir, and strings using Sibelius 5 and rendered by Kouen using SONAR 7 Producer Edition.

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We are halfway through with the submission period for the final round of "The Grand Audition 2009." I'm sure a lot of RPG music fans are dying to hear what our master remixers have up their sleeves, as am I. I'm absolutely positive that they will not disappoint.

I am also almost halfway through with my medical internship, and had finished two of "The Big Four." I had just shifted out of the Department of Pediatrics and am now with the Department of Family and Community Medicine. In this rotation, I'll be shipped off to some remote village far from the comforts of urban life I know so well. I might even have to get water manually from wells... I can almost feel cramps in my gut just thinking about that. Anyway, I might not be able to update in a couple of weeks, but fret not, for when I return, I shall be posting the contenders for the grand showdown.

The piece today borrows a bit from Schönberg's twelve-tone technique. Instead of a tone row utilizing all 12 pitches of the chromatic scale, I used Serenade of Water as the prime series and did transformations on it. The choir first presents the chords of the prime series before the theme appears, first led by the harp, then by the flute. A brief segment based on the the melodic inversion is played by the horns before the strings play the entirety of the inversion, accompanied by water-evoking arpeggios on the harp. The flute and horns then execute the retrograde inversion. The choir follows suit, leading to a more maestoso rendition of the brief passage based on the inversion. The piece ends shortly thereafter with a repetition of the prime series in a version closest to the original, the harp making one last arpeggio of the dominant sixth sans third. It's a very ethereal piece, and I hope you guys like it.

Well, that's all folks! I do hope that I can pull off something to be on-schedule for the next update, but I apologize in advance. Anyway, have a great weekend, everybody!

Fermat's Last Theorem

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