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Opening and Closing December 21, 2005

Ian Eller
Final Fantasy VI - The Song Without A Name
Artist's Comments:This western-y, cowboy-y song (hence the Clint Eastwoodesque title) is a product of several nights of godawful boredom, which is partly why I chose to do such an easy, oft-remixed song in the first place -- it was just for fun. The guitar is real; everything else is decidedly not (I used the demo build of FruityLoops, which is why some of the spacing in parts is...suspect). Yeah, the arrangement is rather liberal as well, but it actually works quite nicely. I guess.
mp3 General Submission rock
Final Fantasy IX - Take My Hopes and Dreams
Artist's Comments:This is a full remix of You're Not Alone from Final Fantasy IX, with full original lyrics by me. I asked a lot from Georgasmaster, specifically for a key change, and as much liberty he could take from the piece while still keeping the melody mostly the same. He did that and more, even superimposing both the beginning theme and the second them towards the end! This is an almost finished version, but I plan to work on it and hopefully submit it to OCRemix within a month or so. Comments/criticism are especially appreciated on this.
mp3 General Submission classical

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

I was going to post this update last night. I had it just about all done and everything. Then I realized that my title didn't work since winter didn't start until the twenty first. So I decided to add this line in and post it the next day. Who knew I was that anal about detail?

Anyhow, welcome to winter 06'. Another festive year of freezing in Arctic temperatures for those of us residing in the northern half of the world. I know New Jersey makes 12,000 B.C. look like a tropical paradise (treats for anyone who gets the game reference I just made). But at least school is out for most of us that attend and those in the work world will hopefully be getting a day or two of vacation coming up soon. With all that free time, maybe you should pick up a hobby. Say, remixing? Mwhaha.

Ahem, yes, that brings me to this week's update. Today I have another two tunes for your listening enjoyment. Leading off is Ian Eller with his western styled "Song with No Name." An interesting take on Final Fantasy VI. I was very impressed with Ian's piece, a definite step up from his last piece which was good in its own right. Then we have Dragon Avenger for the second week in a row with a original vocal piece set to Final Fantasy IX. Dragon Avenger took some liberties with the song "You are Not Alone" and really made it a sweet vocal track. My compliments to the artists this week.

So have a merry Christmas and happy holidays to all, and I shall see you all one more time before the year is out. So make sure to get your submissions in next week for a really fabulous year-end blowout.

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