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Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Download: [800x600 (116.84k)]
Comment: never made a wallpaper that I liked so much, so I decided I.d share it with the cool people of This wallpaper (if you can.t tell) is based on the Life Stream of FF7. I need to credit some artists: (left to right) Red XIII by Sandara-3 (see more at, Vincent by Glass Shard (we all know this artist), Aeris by Deovi. If it weren.t for you guys I wouldn.t have a wallpaper I won.t get tired of. And RPGamer, if you post my wallpaper, I really appreciate it and I really love this site (it.s my homepage).
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Download: [800x600 (52.34k)]
Comment: I was so elated about Advent Children that I decided to make its first wallpaper (at least I hope it^s the first) for RPGamer. Obviously, all I did was combine the screenshots that were so generously provided by RPGamer with a few of my own simple computer graphic techniques. Enjoy.


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