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Game(s): Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Download: [800x600 (96.23k)], [1024x768 (135.56k)]
Comment: I figured in honor of the re-release of Disgaea (a game I am still working on, and enjoying every minute of), that I would send in this wallpaper that I made. It features the three main characters Laharl, Flonne, and Etna. I tried to make it simple, but stylish, as I always like lots of room for icons. In case you were curious, I got the pictures out of an character art book that I found not too long ago. I just adore the art in this game. Enjoy!
Game(s): Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Download: [800x600 (111.65k)], [1024x768 (155.91k)]
Comment: This is the second of two wallpapers that I created based on Disgaea. This time, it features the lovely little devil, Etna! I wanted to have a feeling that was similar to my Flonne wallpaper, but with a little bit of a twist. I once again went for the clean cut look and lots of space for icons (because we all know we have way too many icons on our screen as it is!). I do hope that you have enjoyed both of my lovely creations, and perhaps I shall make more!
Game(s): Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Download: [800x600 (87.18k)], [1024x768 (114.03k)]
Comment: First off, this is a background featuring Flonne, the Angel Trainee! I absolutely loved the image and I wanted to make a background that a) wasn't final fantasy related (not that FF is bad, it's just that well...there's a lot of it, you know?) and b) had actual space for icons. I think I managed to have a nice clean feel to the image, so that way it's not too busy of an background. This is actually my first submission, so I hope that you all enjoy my creation! I had a lot of fun making it (as well as playing the game that the picture comes from.


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