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Joe Dininni
Game(s): Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2
Download: [800x600 (189.74k)]
Comment: I made this to add to my fairly extensive RPG wallpaper collection a few months prior to submitting it, and only did so upon discovering that I could send in custom-made wallpapers. It is comprised of many cropped pictures from various FF games, separated by simple black lines, with an added lens flare effect.
Game(s): Final Fantasy X-2
Download: [800x600 (153.37k)]
Comment: Yet another wallpaper featuring one of Tetsuya Nomura's masterful creations. After the infernal process of extracting Yuna from her crimson background, I pasted her onto a blown-up, cropped, brightness/contrasted magazine scan of a Final Fantasy XIII screenshot, with her black-and-white echo beside. In my opinion, the low-quality, pixelated background greatly stresses the high quality of the drawing.
Game(s): Final Fantasy XIII
Download: [800x600 (101.08k)]
Comment: Yes, I reused a picture from a previously submitted wallpaper, but I took almost two hours carefully extracting it from the magazine scan to create this. The background is part of a screenshot from the game, mirrored to fill the screen and add symmetry. See the throne of light?
Game(s): Final Fantasy XIII
Download: [800x600 (148.86k)]
Comment: When I discovered this picture, I immediately resolved to make a wallpaper with it. Vertically, it didn't fill the screen, so I put a few action shots and a tediously extracted FF XIII logo at the bottom, which seem to add completeness to the overall composition. As you can see, I finally figured out how to make "Arranged by Joe Dininni" easily readable.
Game(s): Final Fantasy XIII
Download: [800x600 (132.79k)]
Comment: Upon learning that FF XIII was in production, I began researching as much as possible, and discovered two satisfactory magazine scans which I cropped and combined in Photoshop. Some simple black airbrush lines completed the creation.


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