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Final Fantasy XIII
Submitter(s): Creid
Download: [1024x768 (429.83k)]
Comment: I really wanted to make a wall of FF-XIII so bad after watching the E3 trailer. Sadly source materials for the game are kinda scarce at the moment. So I put together this little wall using a screenie of the games heroine in action. The screenshot's quality is a bit low but i still hope you guys will enjoy this. Cheers ^^
Submitter(s): Dev Lassey
Download: [1280x1024 (197.75k)]
Comment: It's my first ever wallpaper. I was just winging it, but I like the results
Submitter(s): Joe Dininni
Download: [800x600 (101.08k)]
Comment: Yes, I reused a picture from a previously submitted wallpaper, but I took almost two hours carefully extracting it from the magazine scan to create this. The background is part of a screenshot from the game, mirrored to fill the screen and add symmetry. See the throne of light?
Submitter(s): Joe Dininni
Download: [800x600 (148.86k)]
Comment: When I discovered this picture, I immediately resolved to make a wallpaper with it. Vertically, it didn't fill the screen, so I put a few action shots and a tediously extracted FF XIII logo at the bottom, which seem to add completeness to the overall composition. As you can see, I finally figured out how to make "Arranged by Joe Dininni" easily readable.
Submitter(s): Joe Dininni
Download: [800x600 (132.79k)]
Comment: Upon learning that FF XIII was in production, I began researching as much as possible, and discovered two satisfactory magazine scans which I cropped and combined in Photoshop. Some simple black airbrush lines completed the creation.
Submitter(s): Oracle
Download: [680x440 (46.16k)], [1280x1024 (116.55k)]
Comment: Someone posted a similar image in the Square-Enix message forum that has been deleted, but since FF13 is in the works, and since Final Fantasy III now has a logo like the others, I felt it was time to make a new, updated FF wallpaper. All images were drawn by Yoshitaka Amano and other Square Artists I can't find the names of... "Where Fantasy Becomes Reality" is, I believe, a slogan of FF Tactics Advance...


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