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Final Fantasy VIII
Submitter(s): Landmaster
Download: [1020x768 (117.36k)]
Comment: This is my first wallpaper, I could never find a wallpaper with the ff villains so I made one :D None of the pictures are fanart, they are just retouched screenshots. I found the quote while I was doing research for class and I thought it would well together.
Submitter(s): Lanfir Leah
Download: [1024x768 (297.54k)]
Comment: A wallpaper of Sephiroth and Edea.
Submitter(s): Midnight Angel Aeris
Download: [800x600 (79.46k)]
Comment: The black-and-white background is made by adding 2 images together using Image Arithmetic (didn't show up really well have to look carefully to see the image of one of the dancers in the parade). The coloured version of the Edea image is added on a seperate layer using the clone brush (it's out-of-sync with the black-and-white Edea image that's in the back to give it a blurry look). The white space on the side is for your icons :) I kinda wish the image quality would be a little better though x_x
Submitter(s): Mimi
Download: [800x600 (257.4k)]
Comment: Collage of pics from Final Fantasy 8, 9, and 10 arranged into a convenient and compact wallpaper.
Submitter(s): Notic Eveno
Download: [1024x768 (383.62k)]
Comment: I orrigonally made this for, but I thought you guys might like it as well.
Submitter(s): Oracle
Download: [680x440 (46.16k)], [1280x1024 (116.55k)]
Comment: Someone posted a similar image in the Square-Enix message forum that has been deleted, but since FF13 is in the works, and since Final Fantasy III now has a logo like the others, I felt it was time to make a new, updated FF wallpaper. All images were drawn by Yoshitaka Amano and other Square Artists I can't find the names of... "Where Fantasy Becomes Reality" is, I believe, a slogan of FF Tactics Advance...
Submitter(s): Orkybash
Wallpaper Featured Submission
Download: [1024x768 (108.1k)]
Comment: A background based on the upcoming Project Majestic Mix. Features the cover art for the silver edition (wish I knew the artist!), the logo that's been floating around the PMM site, and the names of all the musicians (to my knowledge, at least) who worked on the project. Web site for PMM is, in case you were wondering. BTW, I don't read katakana, but I'm told that it just translates to "Project Majestic Mix" over and over - again, in case you were wondering.
Submitter(s): Peter
Download: [800x600 (64.41k)]
Comment: Hello This is my squall theme i hope you like it.
Submitter(s): Pierre
Download: [1024x768 (349.29k)]
Comment: Just the Playstation FFs.
Submitter(s): Rad
Download: [1024x768 (99.08k)]
Comment: Hello! This is my first time submitting to this particular page though I've done Wallpapers for other pages before. Hope you like this which I've done exclusively for your website. I'll make more Wallpapers next time if you do. This wallpaper happens to be of my favourite FF8 character. Seifer.
Submitter(s): Rainbow Shell
Download: [800x600 (70.59k)]
Comment: This is the first wallpaper I made, and I like how it turned out, considering I had just figured out how to use transparencies (just the basics, though). I just looked through our hard drive and grabbed a bunch of FF8 pics that looked good enough to use. I hope to get better at making wallpapers as I learn the more in-depth tricks of Photoshop.
Submitter(s): Rick Craig
Wallpaper Featured Submission
Download: [1024x768 (147.78k)]
Comment: This is what a Final Fantasy Reunion would look like.
Submitter(s): rikku1979
Download: [666x466 (63.29k)]
Comment: I recently starting playing FFVIII again. It is my favorite out of all the FF games so far. I just love the story line. This is just a simple wallpaper of Rinoa and Squall. I found some screen shots that liked and put them together and added some text.
Submitter(s): Rinoa
Download: [640x480 (32.42k)]
Comment: Squall without scar
Submitter(s): Rinoa
Download: [640x480 (36.66k)]
Comment: Squall without scar
Submitter(s): Riny Beoulve
Download: [355x900 (50.77k)]
Comment: This one is one of Rinoa from a while back. The actual picture didn't come out too well, but I was proud of the costume. I bought a black tank top and black shorts (which I painted the silver lines on that you would never even notice in the game). I made the skirt, the duster, and the armguards all from felt. It's incredibly easy to make. That's really about it. I also painted the white wings on the back, but they came out really bad.
Submitter(s): Roland Deschain
Download: [800x600 (104.39k)]
Comment: Distorted view of Rionoa.
Submitter(s): Roland Deschain
Wallpaper Featured Submission
Download: [1024x768 (409.6k)]
Comment: Not really much to say, my first submission to rpgamer, I made this wallpaper, was quite proud of the results and thought other people might enjoy it.
Submitter(s): Rydia
Download: [1024x768 (171.17k)]
Comment: Just a wallpaper of some of my favorite characters from Square's games.
Submitter(s): SailorSpice7
Download: [800x600 (73.5k)]
Comment: I decided to bring together these three common pictures for the game. Just plain black and white was boring, so I added color to the 'fun' parts!
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