Xenosaga II - Screen Shots
07.01.2004 Fun New Screens
Now that's a limo I call shotgun! Are we there yet?
Rush hour robot traffic incident Jr. opens fire To bad they are giant robots
I wonder how she got down there. Hey guys where's the go button on this thing? I can't see over the wheel, where are we going?
What happens when you drink and drive. At least they are back on a road Jr. posses
Outta the way guys! MOMO is driving! I guess stairs are kind of like road We just totaled my dad's car you guys!
Police bots coming after MOMO. I'm just a little girl, I didn't do it! MOMO goes on a vandalizing trip
All for love I tell ya. Hey guys I think we might be in trouble here. Robots are still chasing her
Busted... Worst Map System ever Mustn't...step...on carpet...
Trotting through town It's that scary bunny again Running up some escalators
I wonder what's behind the door Probably not as good as Starbucks That doesn't look like coffee back there
I wonder if they sell cookies here Meanwhile back at base I'll just practice my Jedi Mind Tricks
Wha? Drat they didn't work this time I'd say he's a little red
Guys, is it just me or is this the worst food ever? I'm not really sure mine seems a bit burnt. Shion, what are you doing in the floor?
He looks a bit upset I can't see you, you can't see me! Don't look, I'm not wearing my makeup!
Attacking the scary bunny with love! Videophone of the future! Bodyphone of the future!
The cross looks a bit upside down Hey have you seen the top part of my shirt? I seem to have lost the left side of my hair too.
Some unimportant old man It's the Elsa! Mathews sitting in his chair
I seem to be having a problem with my false teeth. Allen about to get it in the stomach Hey KOS MOS have you seen my glasses?
Oh no I left my Walkman on the plane! Running around the port I believe his head exploded
Floating around outside ship I hope this tunnel leads somewhere Heading around a giant maze
Enemy spotted! Attack the clones Random strings flying out from them
Up close A frontal attack from behind There's that unimportant old man again
Ships firing at other ships Two black holes Another random ship
Shion's boring room Well at least it's bigger than the last game Running around the ship
She looks vaugly familiar I swear I wasn't trying to steal the Zohar. That ghostly girl
She looks surprisingly familiar too. Yeah that's right kidos ...she's back.
04.03.2004 Screens again
Talking to chaos He knows something Nice white hair
Smile please The flower does it all Who's talking?
Stop staring Sneaky Pretty face
Nice outfit too He's always mad They still have baseball hats
Looking over everyone Forward Being lazy
Frown Mmm wise Talk into the night
Bla bla bla Time to rest The back street
The other side of the track Party house The bar
Water port They don't conserve space Empty
Robot Academy With robots Backs together
Fancy Aim at one another Falling
The cross
03.22.2004 Big Batch of Screens impress Watch
The local bar Triplets? Talk to the hand
Looking stylish About to tip over Standing around
The red head kid speaks This isn't good He looks scared
Evil Up to something Kid in danger
Talking in the back Dressed for war Ready, Aim, Fire
Held back Groveling Now... hugging?
And here comes the tears In resting tubes Caught!
Relationship growing Running The whole room
Nice place to relax The home The kitchen area
The bedroom Virtual room Ready to be stepped on
Colorful Rain of lasers Double gunner
Close up On the bridge Ready for the landing
Two of them talking Giving the orders The big board
Thinking of KOS-MOS Taking a break Looking up
More crying Determined Dancing man
Good job Goodbye glasses Don't act surprised
The new weapon Glowing Colorful
Back gears Red eyes are showing Transform
Taking the bike out Opening the door No seatbelt?
Taking off In the new ES Concerned
The look Station Closer look
The inside That took a while to build Nice adds
The center Almost every room looks the same Walking in water
03.09.2004 More and More Screens impress Watch
Scar face Making a point That sword is too big for him
Dual swordsman Nice dress Better view
Talking from half the room away Blind man driving KOS-MOS running
Whatever that is, it doesn't look good Camera #42423 works Large room
A pistol will take those down Surrounded by AMWS' Bright light from the ground
Going down Battle of AMWS' Clash
Nice and clean Can't make it out Oh, it's two docking stations
02.20.2004 A Few Screens impress Watch
Looking up Comfy chair In deep thought
Not in uniform She looks happy At the helm
Pissed off That isn't good Blah blah blah
Telling MOMO what to do More talking Everyone just standing around
Don't put your hand there The two person meeting And it's end
Strike the pose Big building The center
Battle with a AGWS It's powerful... MOMO the Ranger
I don't see the string KOS-MOS kicks The light it hurts
Red? Someone's dead... Heaven?
Darn girl wants to save everyone The butterflies Hit to the head
There are some holes in that body
02.08.2004 Screenerific GAMEwatch
According to the scans, you're actually a duck Canaan Relaxin' Hark! I am saying something important
Is this thing on? It could be bigger Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Hey look! Twins Different model of lightsaber I guess he likes short shorts
Air blade OooOOoo fractals 35? thats it?
Important story moment Insert dialogue here Point that the other way
AWGS You know it hurts when the attack spells out something You think this is funny?
Stoical Look Street after the battle Quiet garden
01.23.2004 GAMEwatch
At the beginning of the game. Filming for "Independence Day" in the background Dancing AWGS, oh yeah.
Fearsome AWGS piloted by non-fearsome chaos. chaos steps in. This would be Canaan, not Tony.
Standard dialogue. AWGS sword: Now with electical flashy effect! Must be a bumpy ride, eh, Jin?
Jin Uzuki... looks horny. *cue dramatic music* Margulis! *dun dun dun* Jin faces off with Margulis.
Battling #1. Battling #2. Bloody 'ell, Margulis!
Xenosaga II's battle system in action. More battling. Tiger Uppercut!
Molesting grope of doom! Just standing around. The vaporizer plugin is still hard at work.
12.09.2003 Stills from official trailer Game Spot
'Tis but a scratch Cliche anime scene #1 Re-entry
Looking badass in the rain When spheres attach Isakar blocking a hit
Someone's going to be in pain in a couple seconds Gah! where'd this fireball come from!? Scene from a command room
Lots of lasers Talking in the rain Gasps of awe
Extreme close up of Chaos KOS-MOS close up It's a good thing he ducked
Signal flare There goes a leg Backing up several kilometers would be a good idea
Stalking his prey Chaos piloting Swordfights are always good to watch in the rain
When blades collide Making the jump to hyperspace Thats still a lot of lasers
Bright muzzle flash AGWS/Gear ready for battle "Fools, they'll never figure out my evil plot"
So that's where the earth shattering kaboom came from
07.28.2003 The first -official- screens.
Mmm, purple gear/AGWS. Who is that unfamiliar face? Jr.'s a little more grown up, now!
Sexy KOS-MOS. Albedo's disco inferno! Who IS that guy?
chaos's rear *cough* chaos in magical piloting mode. The updated look of Shion.
Gimme back my yoyo, Jin! Margulis hasn't changed a bit. Another funky AGWS/Gear paint job.
07.16.2003 First Look Gamefront
A few faces
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