Vampire: The Masquerade - Screen Shots
06.02.2000 E3 Screens  
Looking at your group Deciding what to use Identifying different monsters?
Going through player stats Modern combat Ready with ancient weapons
05.26.2000 A ton of new screens Source: Activision / IGN / Ecards
Just a quick bite A looming clocktower Knocking on a castle door
Rising from the dead? Combat ready Sword versus fang
Walking from a building Closeup of a character Fighting in the shadows
A wandering werebeast? Lots of action Unknown person
More fighting in the shadows Fighting a bat thing Meeting a king?
Encounter with a monster Very mean looking monster Another unknown character
A closeup of some evil creatures A battle site at dawn The rising sun
A healer at work Bumps in the night Searching in a room
Walking along Battle ready Fighting a creature
Fighting some more Far off creatures Another nasty looking monster
Poorly lit hallway An undead knight? Wandering the streets
Closeup of a priest Clocktower at night Walking in a rat infested area
Closeup of a main character Nasty looking headshot A meeting
Tense moments Knight in a modern area Walking relatively well lit streets
Looking at a theatre And blood covers the walls... Interesting looking female
Wandering in a building Another quick bite Nasty looking undead knight
Three gangsters Bartender of a club Inside a club
Computer wiz at work A fire spell? Golem!
Viper lady Fighting evil modern guns Standing in the dark
Very big monster Streaking flames Overlooking the city streets
Inside a temple Someone on fire Evil in the shadows
Guard Duty A dark cavern An interesting house
Someone on a throne Closeup of a woman Closeup of a monk
Person in the shadows Heading off for adventure Closeup of a well dressed man
A dead person? A large group of enemies A closer look at the enemies
Two main characters A main character closeup Too much radiation?
Standing around Another wandering person Nice doggy
Standing around Another wandering person Nice doggy
Light 'em up! Attacking skeleton More action in the shadows
Very big monster More blood sucking Fighting ghouls?
Who needs milk? Dual casting Creepy looking dude
Lighting a monster on fire Looks like he didn't like that  
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