Tales of Legendia - Screen shots
05.12.2005 Lotsa Battle Shots
A blue defense-sphere lookin' thing Find the characters hidden in the mass of blue! Oh, wait... "Hey, how about you two stop fighting each other and help me!"
They helped Psychedelic swirly magic Psychedelic lightning magic
Did he just attack that dragon with high-velocity bodily refuse? Using magic on stuff "You guys wait here. I'll get Paul Bunyan."
Unfortunately for him, the lengendary lumberjack had long since gone insane; he had to be killed "Uh, sorry, but we're gonna have to do this alone." "That's ok, because I can jump ridiculously high! WHEEE!!!"
04.15.2005 Of battles and otters... Game Watch
She has shifty eyes Talking to a local bridgewalker Switchfoot attack
Sneakers are not idle for beach battling Kicking the reptiles Magical attack/healing?
The pirates put on a dance routine The real star of the show
04.12.2005 Lots of green scenes
Walking home from school "I left my clarinet in my locker!" Someone must've stolen it...
Waiting for friends to come out and play A lover's quarrel When Harry met Otto
Pirate man with a terrible perm That'd be The RivARRRRRdance Taking a jog on the world map
A colorful looking town Outside a crystal forest Maybe a good place to try fishing?
03.18.2005 Some new screens IT Media(43-47) & Impress Game Watch(48-50)
Together forever Taking a nice walk in a forest Don't mess with her
She'll tantalize you with her stare Partners in crime Skirmish in the desert
Learning their destinies Group melee
03.15.2005 Third look
Fighting the beasties In your faaaaaace! Clap of lighting
She's not smiling now A heavenly hand Never show your weakness
Again with the creepy eyes Looking determined The milkmaid returns from her milking
Comforting the sullen beast Has she fallen unconscious? Adventure awaits on the shores
02.22.2005 Second look
I'll do it, I'll jump That is so interesting If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?
Bad puppy Another bridge Don't everyone help all at once
. . . Naughty, naughty I'm noticing a theme here
We're so cool
02.18.2005 First look
Big boat? Lots of water More water
Big flowers Plenty of bridges Running on flowers
Overlooking a town Yet more water Through town
Lloyd? Shopping Crossing a bridge
Shouldn't have stolen that Dragon bones Aqueduct
Water is important to the story apparently Treasure chest In the forest
Small dock Pretty trees
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