Tales of Legendia - Artwork
05.12.2005 Two Hotz Pieces of Art
Fear my hexagonal bracelets! Haha! The pen IS mightier!
04.15.2005 The Otters Three Game Watch
Otter traveler Otto, the bard Otter mechanic
04.12.2005 Pirates Join In
What a frilly shirt 80's retro pirate-lady The gruesome twosome
03.15.2005 Art and Character Renders
Beasties An island of lost dreams A typical brawler
She's no damsel in distress Its hammer time Jungle fever
Very creepy eyes Shall we duel? She's waaay too perky
A relative of Pandora?
02.18.2005 Character Art
Senel Coolidge
Serious Full art Siblings
Shirley Fennes
Blushing Interesting attire
Will Raynerd
Neck bolts? Heck of a weapon
Chloe Valens
Nice hat Nice bodysuit
Norma Biatty
ADD or ADHD possibly Goodie gumdrops
Moses Sandor
His one good eye looks bad Laundry day
Jay and Grune
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