Summon Night 2 - Artwork
09.07.01 Characters  
Magna Toris Nesty
Amer Minisu Reold
Hasaha Bulrell Resi
Folte Keina Ioth
Zerfild Morlin Leonard
Paffel Shamrock Luvaid
Rocca Ruug Yuel
Mimoza Sion Kelma
Agluvain Famy Meimei
Augo Raul Frip
Gibson The Bad Guy?  
09.07.01 Summons and a Map  
The Summon Tree? An Ogre Summon? A Witch Summon?
A Crystal A Statue I have no clue
Some winged Creature Its ears are its hands That's just wrong
A Ghost Summon A Summon of something A robot Summon
A Stone Summon? A Map A group of Summons
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