Suikoden IV - Screen Shots
10.14.2004 New small screens, arr!
Backflip Ted . . . Woolsey New Old Navy Armor Pants
Hey guys, check out my jumpshot Zelda decides to join the Old Navy Army Ships Ahoy
I remember there being a lot more than 6 people on that ship... They appear to be a bit outnumbered You sunk my battleship!
Do you guys know where I hid my cannons? Paper/Rock/Scissors battle Watch out for seagull poop
AHH the sun it burns the eyes! Yay dry land! Heading towards the castle
You'd think after all these years, RPGamer would be higher than level 1 Sleeping in the line You will have to cross my palm with silver for the crystal ball to work
Behold! I have created fire! You will all fear my fire Now I have your fire!
Only you can prevent forest fires
08.12.2004 New screens, arr! Source: The Magicbox
"Only the captain can touch the map." Walking around a port "How cool is this new red light bulb?"
Engarde! Giving a speech to a group of soldiers A pretty man talking
Fighting a chicken of doom Fighting some scary looking monsters Midget tossing!
Wait a sec...that's no midget, disqualified! Big freakin' hammer So this is what happened to all those Bermuda Triangle ships
Shiny armor
05.17.2004 E3 Screens Ahoy!
Swirly Light Attack, Go! Could this be a sea theme? Snowe Angsts
Torch vs Headband! Shop til You Find New Leggings Go, Go Engrish Ranger!
It Comes! Saaaaail Awaaaay Yay! Words!
Wanna see my deck? Wind Waker Eat Your Heart Out We're Men, Manly Men!
01.21.2004 A nice array of everything
This guys always angry Conversation atop the water Another angle of boozin'
A Credits screen Boozin' at the local tavern One heck of a kiss
It's pink, but dangerous Look familiar? The cat's crazy dance
A beautiful battle shot Remiscient soloing Choreographed blade tests
Conforming to the man Searing good times! "Is this the gypsy tent?"
Everyone's favourite, upclose "Fireworks? Why oh Why?" ...Still pretty well dressed
10.06.2003 Screen shots from a screen Gamespot
Heehee, sparkles Yes my hair takes a long time fix, how did you know? Sailing away!
Ummmm Crossing blades Circles = power
Run, run! A torch for your thoughts?
09.13.03 Hooray for the first Suikoden IV screens! GAME Watch and ZDNet Japan
Such a girlish faced guy. I can't tell if this is FMV or not. Semi-smooth sailing.
Sea side. Shiny armor. Detatchable arms are so rad, man.
Not too pretty of a boat ride. Easy to see why this picture exists. !!!!!!
Angry woman! That's a pretty slim torch. Don't play with fire, man!
Nifty battle effect. Spiky hair and a goatee?! Crazy! Someone isn't very happy.
Pretty well dressed for a boat ride. An alternate view of that previous beach. Your average placid RPG town.
Shiny handed man. Ambidexterity is the best! More sailing.
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