Shining Tears - Artwork
03.03.2005 Official Site Art
Appraising elf girl Fort environment At the castle's gate
The town square An odd-shaped dome Overlooking a misty valley
Some sort of weird tower Medieval residences Various banners
Cheiron's full view Cheiron's portrait An evil dark lord
Rings of darkness A dwarfish blacksmith Elwyn strikes a pose with her bow
The Greater Kingdom Keiner's ready to rock Keiner's portrait
Taking a closer look at the kingdom A bridge over the desert landscape Rings of light
What's Mao smiling at? Mao stands with weapons in hand Neige looks on coldly
Elf girls have weird taste in fashion... Crazy ninja or friendly blacksmith? You can tell he's always rooting for the Orangemen
Ryuna seems to be reaching for something She doesn't look like she works in the tool shop Volg motions for the enemies to come
Xion's dark side Xion's true self So our hero stands ready to fight
Xion's sword left unsheathed
02.14.2005 Some New Artwork
The songtress and her fairy The archer poses The swordsman advances
The knight stands tall The catgirl's on her toes The mage stares coldly
The gentle girl looks coy The brawler scowls The brawler leaps
The hero looks determined
10.13.2004 Nice Shiny Artwork
Package art Poster art Elwing
08.14.2004 More Character Profiles Source: The Magicbox
Bibi Blanc Elvine
Keiner Maple Razelus
Ryuna. Xion Another one of Xion
Yet another one of Xion
05.05.2004 Tiny Ocean of Tears
Sitting cozy Geography and Japanese A pair of rings
Xion's Profile Elwing's Profile Ryuna's Profile
Volg's Profile Keiner's Profile Cheiron's Profile
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