Romancing SaGa - Minstrel Song - Propaganda
04.17.2005 Four Blurry Screens Gamefront
Who knew Square-Enix did an Aladdin remake? Beware the Pirate Police The tragic result of an attempted human/duck hybrid
Who will win the heated argument on the boat?
04.04.2005 Two Scans
Color me fantastic Action-packed!
03.22.2005 Jumbo Scan
Super size my propaganda
02.24.2005 A couple scans
Shera, Saruin and Des Some more characters
02.16.2005 One More Scan
A Collage Of Characters
01.25.2005 Even More Scans
Bad guys Good guys
01.16.2005 Shonen Jump Scan SquareNet
History of the main characters and the four sky kings
12.25.2004 A few Famitsu and Dengeki Scans SquareNet
Mmmmmm, Octopus boss-like creature System Check Characters and joint attacks
No experience points from battles
11.21.2004 New Scans SquareNet
The map unveiled A few new characters The Greatest Hope
The Free Soul The Severing Blade The Burning Heart
Sea Serpent The Candid Dancer The Fated Grace
Shonen Jump brings everyone together The 3D world Battling things out with the enemy
09.17.2004 Jump Scan SquareNet
Art and Screens
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