RPG Maker 2 - Screen Shots
05.16.03 Building Editor Screens
Little house on the grid plane A yellow something? Making a classroom
Another view of the classroom Someone's bedroom Building bridges
Building more bridges It's a airship Better view of the airship
A stealth bomber?! Why is this here? Home sweet home
There's that house again A small castle A school?
Shot of the living room
Character Editor Screens
Skeleton Oracle The Hero
Dungeon Editor Screens
Over hill... ...and down below Stairs. Lots of stairs
Round things A grand hall A field
Editing the field Another hall
Enemy Editor Screens
Arch Demon Centaur Warlock
Pegasus Google? Boss B
Dwarf Golem
Game Editor Screens
Custom settings Property settings Variables
Alt + F
Map Editor Screens
Godzilla was here A river Further down stream
Take a left here Mountain pass A quiet little island
There's that island again More island Snowy peaks
Let it snow Down by the sea Umm...
Ring around the forest Steps
Object Editor Screens
A rack Colourful canopy Coffin
Barrels, boxes, and chests Palm tree Baby dragon
More baby dragon Lots of houses Tower A...
.. and B Nice castle Nifty
A time capsule This game has everything Mmm.. whale
That canopy again
Sample Game Screens
Shiny I am here And there
No entry In the church The wrong end of the horse
Command? A short pier You go first
Can I help you? To Grandma's house! Nice house
It'.. something Libary Must get shiny thing
Battle Flying high A funeral
A little flooding The king They kinda look like legos
A balloon ride A bag of something Blue-o-vision
Fear my hair! Gang's all here Quiet little place
Script Editor Screens
Set as vehicle Content Enemy
Visual Effects Editor Screens
A new boy band.. .. that's on fire No really, on fire
BOO! Some sort of spell Evil skull spell
Ooo.. pretty Gurggle gurggle Neat.. what is it?
Zzzzap! Poof Nothing happening here
05.25.2002 Building a town Gamespot
Yellow brick What kind of brick shall I use? Not too shabby stairs there
Ooh look! People! This could be a dungeon of sorts A labyrinth?
This reminds of that place in Mario RPG Making a house Castle
That castle looks quite nice Not sure what this will be Floor layout of a castle
Four people walk around in a town Rays of light come from within the earth More rays from a mountainside
Cemetary on a hill Oceanside resort You've been attacked by -- an APPLE!?
Looks like it might be water More castle makin' They really like rays of light, eh?
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