Phantasy Star Online - Screen Shots
10.09.2002 Various Screens  
Enemies Ahead! A new passage? Sonic trips the alarm
A.Beast Dark enemies ahead A floating ball
Litterbugs 123 Damage! Tentacle Action
Throw line Air currents Multi-Lightning
Strike! Different strike, different angle Gulp. Surrounded.
Good dodge In a bind  
07.26.2002 PSO Versions 1&2 GameCube Screens  
Firing off a laser Pulling out the heavy artillery The title screen
Some kind of option screen Look, its the Big Bang! It appears to be saving information
"Selena" looks around "oooo" Selena: "hey short thing"
The Information Counter Blowing something away Aiming upward
A look at a character The same character as before, only shorter Now he's much...fatter...
Four player mode Whatever it is, it doesn't look happy Another four player battle
Fighting two beasts The four player madness continues Selena: "let me ss it"
Fighting a Sil Dragon Selena: "love my ghetto shooting style" What's with the green streams?
"Sorry, we're all out of the latest edition of Phantasy Star!" Doing a little shopping Another interface shot
Select what team you want Now select what character you're interested in Blue looks much better than purple
A monstrous rifle Battle interface Is it a dead end?
Better shoot A.Beast! "Nobody comes near me, 'cause I'm packin' heat!" You better use some of that heat now
Now everything has become foggy More pea soup for you Shoot the native!
Always take a laser rifle with you on your jungle excursion "Selena" stares out into the wilderness "Selena" better look behind...
Let's take a sunbathing break "Ah King Jr." jj-zig: "i am capturing :)"
Wading through some water Up on a bluff Hey!? Is that Cloud?
Back into the jungle The Cloud look-alike is kicking booty Two guns are better than one
The team has to figure out where to go Looking out over the ocean A miss!
Freeze! Literally! The screen becomes blurry Selena: "hahah"
Ah King Jr: "?" It's getting dark outside Psychadelic...
Speechless Don't get claustrophobic now "If you don't let me sunbathe, I'll blow you away!"
Preparing to shoot something out of the sky Walking on top of Algae Ah King Jr: "yes"
Beating up a machine in the pea soup Running guns-a-blazin' KABOOM!
The fog has lifted! Stupid fog is back! Wow...that monster is pretty big
"Shoot that ugly piece of crap!" That thing means business... Better not let it squish you like a bug
It's ticked off now! Give your character a hat How about glasses instead?
Screw that, give the dude some spikey hair Now, would you like to dress him in black? How about purple and white?
Fair skinned? Dark skinned? "Don't mess with my dual guns!"
"I told you I was packing heat!" This bluff must be the local makeout spot Don't like guns? Take a giant scythe!
Be careful not to get impaled there! Double guns...double beam swords... "You'll shoot...err...slash your eyes out!"
"This is our M-1000 model. It will fry anything up to five miles away." "Or purchase this fan. Dispatch your enemies and keep cool at the same time!" Ph3412 the magic staff
"Aieeee!" The fan really does keep you cool... ...but can it take out these three brutes?
All in a day's work "Watch me waste those suckas!" That beast has an impressive wingspan
Wading through the water    
05.20.2002 GameCube E3 Screens  
Four player online - Watching some fighting Four player simultaneously - Nasty dragon  
09.23.2001 PC Screens GameWatch
Beastly battle Hiya, nice ta meet'cha IT BURNS!
It really depends on where Menu selection Divine light from the grass
Male character creation Female character creation Proportion editor
08.23.2001 GameCube Screens IGN
Forest battle Four player mode That's a big dragon
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