Preview: Pokémon: Ruby and Sapphire

Stop Pokéing me!


The new trainer dude looks like a ninja.

Everybody needs a Pokédex.

Blue mice are nice.

The games feature some nice new locations.

You get all types training these days.

Happy to be in colour!

I wonder if there is anybody left who can name all the Pokémon?

The GBA's water effects in action.


Gotta catch 'em... well, a third of them is still respectable.
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Rated Everyone for all the gory death scenes.

Since there's not too much in the way of new information for this pair of games, perhaps it is best to lay down the info in a good old Pokérap. This one is going out to all the Pokémaniacs. All right. Give me a beat, Jigglypuff. It goes like this:

Hear me out y'all, I'm taking a big chance,
That you've already heard about Ruby and Sapphire for the GB Advance.
It's the same catch 'em and train 'em gameplay that everyone digs,
All the more so since the list of Pokémon is getting big.
Three hundred and fifty-one to be precise,
So much time can be spent on this game, it's a vice.

The games are on the GBA for the first time,
But the graphics are still iller than this rhyme.
The sprites are the same with brighter colors,
There are only a few effects that aren't in the others.
Walking through the grass causes it to sway in the proper direction,
And when moving near water, one can see one's reflection.
Most of the colors are palette swaps,
And there's nothing there that Golden Sun couldn't top.
The sound, however, is a larger improvement:
There are one or two tracks that will give your legs some movement.
The sound effects are more realistic then before,
So when the 'Mon make squeaks and roars,
They will no longer sound like digital, weak snores.

The option is now available to play as a trainer of either gender,
And two-on-two Pokémon matches make things livelier than ever.
Pokémon can be entered into contests to be judged by a computer panel,
Or they can fight guests from other GBA carts, though they're not backward compatible.
There is not much difference between Ruby and Sapphire,
Only the intros, and what wild 'Mons are found in the games' mires.

The opening of the story is rather involving,
Featuring a trainer with a problem that needs solving.
He's being mobbed by wild Pokémon,
And it's up to the player to make them get gone.
Choose from Treecko (grass), Torchic (fire), and Mudkip (water),
Although none look good enough to be a husband to your daughter.

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire come out on the seventeenth of March,
When all the enthusiasts will go and pick it up, but nothing rhymes with March.


by Matthew Scribner

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