Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - Screen Shots
08.31.2003 Brand new English screens
Pre-battle set-up Yay for color combo! What's a color combo? A brutal 168K damage
Do you see the skull in there? Calculating the combo Things that end in urple
Bringing back the old school art tradition Pengiun baseball dood!! A whack of creepy friends
Lion or minotaur? How's that the same attack? 2 to the power of 7
Holy FEATHERS! Bah. Totenkreuz My worst nightmare, come true
Silly Power... I mean Prism Rangers "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!" Don't worry, he's just the mid-boss
... And he's a whack-job Flonne, Flan, same thing Some hot skull earrings
Dialogue at the throne Classic anime stylings Activate the crusher
"It's coming right for us!" Lv. 26 wolf guardian examiners A unique character screen
Tweaking your men (and women) No color combo that time Alls clear!
154 hits, but only 2 color The ground, it be tainted! Teamwork at it's best
07.28.2003 Just a few more Japanese screens!
No one can deny that Etna is demonically cute. Dialogue. The Netherworld went to hell while you were asleep!
Laharl in front of his throne. This attack would be better in a video... Enemy monsters... and a lot of 'em!
That is your castle. Nice style. Never seen a red demon penguin before.
12.24.2002 A decent collection of new screens
Art-based dialogue. I think she likes the little devil! Talking to... the penguin.
More talking in a throne room. Monster school? Shopping!
Choose your name. A girl's stats. Configuring something...
Soldier selection. Even monsters need to learn things. Studying pays off!
Red screen? Doesn't look good. "HIKETSU" (rejected!) Big boomies.
Soldier stats menu.
10.12.2002 The first collection of screens
Melee battle vs. Dragons. Exploration! Beat 'em up!
Special skill attack. Pretty skill attacks... Really pretty skills...*drools*
Downward axe skill attack. Fire magic/summoning. Such nice, firey art.
Kill the infernal dragons! Diverse battlfields. Tundra fighting.
Cave battling.
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