Gothic - Screen Shots
11.17.2001 More Screens
Mountain hold The undead attack yet another innocent traveler Defending the gate
06.30.2000 First Screen Shots Source: IGN
A meeting in the forest I wonder who's winning here... Careful you don't trip over those robes
Several odd creatures Appears to be playing sniper Hunting
A sacrifice? Nice special effects A creature with no legs and only one arm!
Casting a spell Spiffy bridge scene Telekinesis(?)
That's a long sword there    
06.31.2000 More Screen Shots Source: Egmont Interactive
Someone's getting burned Looks like the walls of a fort Equipping your character
Meet Greg from accounting Blue flames The long-lost member of Metallica
Did he steal that sword from Cloud? Dueling wizards A view of the castle
Looking up at the moon Bird's eye view Sword-wielding skeletons
Doesn't look good Fireball spell A lake
Some creatures fighting amongst themselves Chasing a large horned thing The horned thing is doing the chasing now
Don't look down My what sharp teeth you have Gothic takes a cue from Resident Evil
Run! It's the swarm! Uhh... look behind you...  
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