Superdimension Neptune vs. Sega Hard Girls  
Cho-jigen Taisen Neptune vs. Sega Hard Girls

Neptune and IF dive into the history of Gamindustri with the help of a bunch of old Sega hardware-incarnate.

· PS Vita
· PC

· Compile Heart

Idea Factory Japan
Idea Factory Intl. US
Idea Factory Intl. Europe

  Release Date  
11.26.2015 (Vita) Japan
10.18.2016 (Vita) US
Q3.2017 (PC) US
10.21.2016 (Vita) Europe
Q3.2017 (PC) Europe
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·Neptune vs. Sega Hard Girls Hits PC Next Week 06.06.2017  
·The Neptunia and Sega Girls Head to PC 04.11.2017  
·Neptune vs. Sega Hard Girls Opens into Combat 09.29.2016  
·Neptune vs. Sega Hard Girls Gets Limited Edition 09.09.2016  
·Neptune Meets Sega Hard Girls in October 08.25.2016  
·Neptune and Sega Hard Girls Appear in English 08.04.2016  
·Neptunia Welcomes Sega Hard Girls to North America, Europe 04.08.2016  

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