Project Entropia  
Project Entropia

Project Entropia is a 3D Science Fiction MMORPG, which will place the player in the role of one of Calypso's colonists. Mindforce will be the magic system in the game which will grow in strength as it is used. Calypso will continually be upgraded by MindArk, the company responsible for the game's development. A unique monetary system is also planned for the game.

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MindArk AB US
MindArk AB Europe

  Release Date  
01.30.2003 US
01.30.2004 Europe
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·Project Entropia Goes Gold 12.12.2002  
·Project Entropia Phase II Beta Test Selection Complete 08.16.2001  
·MindArk Calls For Project Entropia: Phase II Beta Testers 07.16.2001  

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