Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux  
SMT: Deep Strange Journey

A remake of the DS title Strange Journey, where players investigate a special distortion in Antarctica called the Schwarzwelt

· Nintendo 3DS

· Atlus

Atlus Japan
Atlus US
Atlus Europe

  Release Date  
10.26.2017 Japan
2018 US
2018 Europe
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·Strange Journey Redux Hits North America, Europe in May 01.17.2018  
·Strange Journey Redux Receives New Trailer, Tie-in Sidescroller 10.17.2017  
·Strange Journey Redux Opening Shows the Familiar and the New 09.24.2017  
·Strange Journey Redux Gets Japanese Release Date, Trailer 07.10.2017  
·Atlus Makes Some 3DS Announcements 06.07.2017  
·Nintendo Direct Japanese News Round-up 04.13.2017  
·Atlus Makes More 3DS Announcements 03.27.2017  

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