Lineage: Blood Pledge  
Lineage: Blood Pledge

Lineage is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online RPG) community based in the fantasy world of the Korean manga of the same name. You can choose from four different character classes: knight and wizard for melee combat, elf for ranged combat, and prince/princess to command an army of fellow role-players. Be wary of temptation, though, for your actions determine your character's alignment. Nobody likes a player killer, not even NPCs.

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· NCsoft Corp.

NC Interactive Japan
NC Interactive US

  Release Date  
02.12.2002 Japan
05.01.2001 US
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·Lineage Expansion Launched 07.29.2004  
·Lineage: Episode XI is Released 07.18.2002  
·Lineage Registration Begins in Japan 01.30.2002  

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