Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town - Screen Shots
04.15.2005 More Screens of Mineral Town
Title screen Time to get up! Do you like my hat?
House is kinda empty... Town map Weeds are NOT a crop
Cow is five girl Mmm, pie Step into my library
Pixelated nudity! Relaxing in the hot tub Which of you is tonight's dinner?
Just why is he grinning? Squirrel-tastic! Peach?
Harvesting in the rain One of your rivals Time for your examination...
Crazy person by the lake Doggy in the way... ...Not anymore!
Girls with pink hair have more fun! Come here, bunny! Scary man in the woods
Fully furnished house You choo choo choose me? He liiiiiikes you
He looooooves you Eh heh heh heh... Girl power!
The doctor is in Let me in the church! Sinner!
A bit too old for you Nice ... hair
02.01.2004 First Screens
Caught something? Sleeping the day away. Making the big money.
What to cook? I hope we get to watch you change. Is their a future in store here?
Spending the day with the husband. Festival! Nice farm.
Darn elves, help me.
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