Final Fantasy X-2 - News
· Square Enix Pre-E3 Event Features New Games, New Details 05.08.2006  
·Final Fantasy X/X-2 Ultimate Box Details Revealed 08.27.2005  
·The AIAS Presents its Awards 03.06.2004  
·FFX-2 a Chart Topper in Europe 02.24.2004  
· Square Enix Offers Cell Phone Treats 02.12.2004  
·Square Enix Revels in Impressive Sales Figures 01.20.2004  
·More Familiar Faces Coming to Final Fantasy X-2 International 12.30.2003  
·Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission Soundtrack For Japan 12.13.2003  
·Final Fantasy X-2 European Release Date Revealed 12.11.2003  
·Final Fantasy X-2 Version to Come With Movie Trailer 12.01.2003  
·Final Fantasy Sequel Released 11.19.2003  
·Square Enix Exposes Flashy Final Fantasy X-2 Site 10.31.2003  
·Square Enix Adds Creature Feature to FFX-2 International 10.17.2003  
·Final Fantasy X-2 Goes International 09.11.2003  
·FFX-3 Not in the Cards, Says Producer 08.07.2003  
·Square-Enix Announces E3 Lineup 04.30.2003  
· Final Fantasy X-2 Ships 1.8 Million Units 03.13.2003  
·Final Fantasy X-2 Information Onslaught Continues 03.12.2003  
·Japanese FFX-2 Impressions Rosy All Around 03.09.2003  
·FFX-2: Idol Worship 03.02.2003  
·Square Shares FFX-2 Mini Game Mayhem 02.28.2003  
·Plating It Up - Final Fantasy X-2's New System Explained 02.24.2003  
·FFX-2 Gets More Jobs, Testosterone 02.16.2003  
·Hori Plans FFX-2 Merchandising Blitz 02.03.2003  
·FFX-2 Info: It Just Keeps Coming 02.03.2003  
·Yet Another FFX-2 Character Emerges 01.25.2003  
·Final Fantasy X-2 Ability System, Class Details Emerge 01.23.2003  
·Final Fantasy X-2 Tunes Headed for Japanese Stores 01.15.2003  
·Final Fantasy X-2 Details Get Squared Away 12.23.2002  
·New Final Fantasy X-2 Information 12.21.2002  
·Fight On, Final Fantasy X-2 12.14.2002  
·Get the Jump on FFX-2 Details 11.18.2002  
·Final Fantasy X-2 Details Divulged 10.23.2002  
·Square Unleashes Information Blitzkrieg 10.22.2002  
·Square's FFX-2 Hopes Ambitious 10.21.2002  
·Final Fantasy X Episode 2: Attack of the...Something 10.18.2002  
·Square to Develop Sequels to FFX 05.28.2002  
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