Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Review  

According to me, the Crystal still hasn't came back.
by kupomogli

Easy - Hard
8 - 10 hours


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   With Kingdom Hearts released in 2002, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles uses the Final Fantasy series name, and the FF world to create a game similar, although not exactly. The storyline follows a character or characters who collect Myrrh from trees around the world to stop the Miasma from destroying their town, however, Myyrh can only be gathered from a tree once every two years. This is the basis to the storyline, and is really the only storyline you'll see in the game other than random story encounters that they include to try and make it seem like there's more to the world, yet none of these story parts tell anything at all about anything, and are extremely useless.

   Seeing as this game can be multiplayer, you can pick from four different clans, each with their own specialties, also being able to make your character look different. While it's not that much of a customization, due to there being only four different clans and four different character sets in each clan, it's still pretty good rather than having just one to pick from. Other than that, you are able to choose your family's trade, like a blacksmith who's family will forge weapons and armor, an alchemist who's family will design weapons and armor, etc. Whether you choose your family trade to be a certain type, you'll always meet a certrain trade in towns during your travels.

Mog brings the gift of Myrrh, and Christmas. Mog brings the gift of Myrrh, and Christmas.

   When in dungeons, you have to carry around a crystal chalice, or luckily to have Mog to fly around with you, you can make him usually carry it. If you're ever outside of the area of the chalice, then you will recieve damage from the Miasma. The rest of the game itself is like a mix of Kingdom Hearts and Brave Fencer Musashi. Each stage you see a bunch of enemies, killing them will leave them off the stage permanently, or atleast until you exit, where enemies will leave items from stat raise items, weapons, to being able to use magic or curative items. Using magic can be used infinite times, yet different, as you can now fuse spells together, granted you have the amount of slots, and you have to charge up and move the target to area desired for the spell. Attacking is almost the same way, but except for just charging the attack up to do a powerful attack, you can also attack regularly up to three times in a row by hitting the attack button at the right time after each additional attack.

   Once completing a dungeon and gathering the Myrrh, your character gets bonus' points for the dungeon, and you're able to choose an item to permenantly raise your stats, like items you'd find on Brave Fencer Musashi. After that, the mail moogle comes, bringing mail from one of your family members, while all this is, is just something to keep your family members happy, so you can get them to keep selling you stuff or work on your items.

How about a little trim, and let's add some color. How about a little trim, and let's add some color.

   The graphics are kindof a hit and miss, as they are really beautiful when seen from afar, and not a straight overhead view, this is usually when they have some scenes that they try and include it as storyline, or whenever they show the opening of an area. The overhead view is usually when you're in a dungeon, and on most dungeons you can't really see much of anything anywhere, as the entire screen is shadowed outside of the protective area of your crystal chalice, making the graphics look worse. But not only that, it's not really zoomed out at all, and it can't be changed, forcing you to play it like it is the entire game. Most of the music is boring, and the rest childish, this is probably because of the system it was created for, as the Gamecube is a family system, but I guess my theory could be wrong as the game still has big breasted women with little clothing. Although I was disappointed with the music, some of the soundeffects were very good, while this is something that should be good in an action/adventure game anyways, in which the spell effects sounded even better than they looked, which is actually both a good and bad thing I might add.

   Overall, if you enjoyed Kingdom Hearts, then you'd probably like this game. I did infact enjoy the game, yet an hour after I started it turned from fun to boring, but thankfully the game is short enough for some people who do end up enjoying it all the way through. Because you always have the option of going back to other areas at the end of the game, as they can be repeatedly played over and over to gain more stats or get items to forge powerful weapons and armor, although unless you like repeating the same thing over and over again though, I suggest those of you who might enjoy it to rent it, all others should stay away.

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