Final Fantasy VI - Screen Shots
A shot of Locke's back (PSX)
Setzer holds the cards (PSX)
A shot of Shadow - Close up (PSX)
Celes stands against a wall (PSX)
Sabin and Edgar at Figaro Castle (PSX)
Celes in all her splendor (PSX)
Edgar flips the fated coin (PSX)
Terra gazes at the stars (PSX)
A battle with Magitek Armor (PSX)
The Squaresoft splashscreen (PSX)
A train pulls into the station (PSX)
The Imperial capital of Vector (PSX)
A shot of Terra walking (PSX)
A very close up of Terra (PSX)
A side view of Magitek Armor (PSX)
Kefka at a distance (PSX)
A control panel (PSX)
A soldier commands some Magitek Armor (PSX)
Terra at the controls (PSX)
Magitek Armor in the mist (PSX)
Kefka, looking oddly like Dennis Rodman (PSX)
Terra prepares to attack (PSX)
Magitek goes up in flames (PSX)
Terra sits triumphantly (PSX)
The title screen
Magitek Armor marches through the snow
The Esper Maduin
The Esper Ramuh
Mog stands outside an Inn
Sabin rests at a pool in the Phantom Forest
The Phantom Train depot
The Town of Mobliz
The Town of Nikeah
The Orchestra Pit at the Opera House
The Imperial Base at Vector
General Leo uses his "Shock" attack
Kefka and Gestahl on the Floating Continent
All four tiers of Kefka's final form
Celes throws her bouquet (PSX)
Terra stares ahead (PSX)
A demented Kefka (PSX)
A calmer Kefka (PSX)
Two guards escort Terra around Vector (PSX)
A closer view of above (PSX)
The Imperial Air Force (IAF) closes in on a town (PSX)
The IAF hovers over some train tracks (PSX)
Edgar cocks his head (PSX)
Sabin stands at attention (PSX)
Alexandr towers high above (PSX)
A render of Celes (PSX)
A closer picture of Celes (PSX)
Celes in a beautiful gown (PSX)
An Imperial airship (PSX)
A soldier of the Empire (PSX)
A sideview of Terra (PSX)
Terra stares out at the sunset (PSX)
Terra up close (PSX)
Mode select (PSX)
Bestiary shot - 2 - 3 - 4 (PSX)
Statistics - 2 (PSX)
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