Final Fantasy VI - Square Artwork
Bahamut, King of Dragons
Banon leaps forward, sword at the ready
Celes, resting on her sword, stands near some foliage
Celes stands, her sword drawn
Celes stands, her sword on her shoulder
A Chocobo carries two people
Cid, clad in yellow rain coat, is lost in thought
Cyan lays on a grassy hillside
Cyan relaxes against a wall
Cyan, clad in armor and flowing cape, stares into the distance
Edgar dressed in full royal regalia
Edgar, hair flowing, rests his sword on his shoulder
Gau winks, knowingly, as his rags billow in the wind
Gau crawls stealthily
Emperor Gestahl schemes
The ghost from the Phantom Train
Gogo is shrouded in both sheets and mystery
Ifrit is a lean, mean, fire machine
Kefka appears a demonic joker, careless in the destruction he wreaks
Kefka, showing the darker side of sillyness
Locke, dressed in leather, reclines
Locke is a fearless treasure hunter
General Leo stands tall
Mog says "Hi!"
Mog stands with his sword
Mog reclines in a floating hammock
Mog as he appears in the instruction booklet - Retouched
Mog is a sophisticated little moogle
Monsters will dog your every step
Odin readies for battle
Ramuh rains down lightning from above
Relm stands with her hand on her hip, alert and quirky
Sabin kneels on some rocks
Sabin rests on a clear hillside
Sabin stands, ready for adventure
Why did Sabin abdicate the throne?
Setzer twirls a globe on his finger
Setzer stands, willing to take any risks
A bust of Shadow floats ominously, detached
Strago cruises on his hovering bike-vehicle
Terra morphs into her Esper form
Terra ponders her fate
Terra rests on top of MagiTek Armor
Terra rides in MagiTek Armor towards a Neo-Victorian city
Terra sits in a chair
Terra stands in front of some draperies
Terra, sword in hand, is ready for battle
Terra wears a strapless dress
Terra leans as an imp peeks out from behind her
Terra clasps her hands to her breast in surprise
Terra rests in her MagiTek Armor before an Arabian cityscape
Terra is lost in thought
The enemy Test Rider
Ultros slides a surrepticious tentacle towards Terra
Umaro lumbers through the snowfields
Biggs/Wedge render (PSX)
Celes render - Close (PSX)
Celes's dresses (PSX)
Terra render (PSX)
IAF render (PSX)
The airship hovers majestically
Kefka's Tower is ominous and foreboding
Amano's Sketches
Celes relaxes in a chair
Cyan charges
Edgar advances, sword extended
Gau smiles ferally
Locke reclines
Mog calms with a glass of wine
Relm pilots a winged contraption
Sabin leaps, rippling with strength
Setzer strides confidently
Shadow is a constant enigma
Strago is surprised
Terra kneels
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