Final Fantasy IV Summon Guide

And Final Fantasy Game Info

Here I have a list of Summoned monsters for Final Fantasy 4(2US) and info

about all the Final Fantasy games (except Mystic Quest and FF Tactics)


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* Explanation of Summoned monsters

* Differences between US and JAP versions

* About Final Fantasy Chronicles

* List of Summons

* About all the Final Fantasy games



In Final Fantasy 4 (2US), there is a total of 11 espers, GF, summons, or whatever

the hell you want to call them. Besides those 11 there are 5 other ones that will

randomly be there automatically when you get Rydia at the beginning of the game.

They are:

Chocobo – actually, this one is always there.

Imp – does goblin punch (Imps are Goblins in the Japanese version) which is

seen done by goblins in Final Fantasy 5 and 9.

Mind Flayer - I have never seen this one yet.

Cocatrice – This one is not in the US version which brings me to my next



Differences between US FF2/Easy type and Japanese version.

In Japan, there was two versions of Final Fantasy IV. There was the normal

version for the older age group and an easier version for younger kids. The

easier version had many things removed, spells, items, moves, and so on.

The part that sucks is that this easy version is that one that came to the US.

Ever wonder why the item heal is the only item that cures status problems?

Well in the regular Japanese version, there were many items that are now in

newer Final Fantasies. Fortunately, you will soon get to play an English version

of the original Final Fantasy IV soon.


Final Fantasy Chronicles

This is the new PSX game that is being released in July 2001. It will have

the Original Final Fantasy IV and a fixed up version of Chrono Trigger (So it

will have two of the greatest SNES RPGs!).

I believe that this game was made for these two reasons.

clear up some confusion in the plot and in the ending.

Anthology did not include Final Fantasy IV, but instead had a Stupid sound

track of songs from Final Fantasy 5 and 6 (and in my opinion, the sound track

had the crappy songs from the two games).


Anyway, here are the summons-


Mist Dragon

How to get him: Rydia comes with him when she becomes grown up.

MP needed: 20

Element: None (I think)

This is the first boss of the game. You fight him with Cecil and Kain before

you reach the town of mist.



How to get him: Rydia comes with him when she becomes grown up.

MP needed: 40

Element: Earth

He is the guy who Rydia summons on Cecil and Kain when they try to take

her. He does an earth attack which seems the same as the spell quake.



How to get her: Rydia comes with her when she becomes grown up.

MP needed: 30

Element: Ice

This is the ice Esper that is seen in almost all the Final Fantasies. She does

an ice attack that hits all enemies.



How to get him: Again… Rydia comes with him.

MP needed: 30

Element: Lightning

This is the thunder Esper that is seen in most Final Fantasies (except Final

Fantasy 8 has Quezacotl instead). He, of course, does a lightning attack on

all enemies.



How to get him: For the millionth time, Rydia comes with him.

MP needed: 30

Element: Fire

This is the fire Esper from most final fantasies. I believe that there is a Jinn

and an Ifrit in Final Fantasy III(JAP) but I think that Ifrit is the Summon

and Jinn is just some stupid boss.



How to get her: Fight her in the town of summoned monsters.

MP needed: 50

Element: None

How to beat her: This is not really hard if you know what to do. The key

thing you need to is have Rosa cast wall on Asura (Oh, duh!). You may

need to cast is more than once because wall will ware off. Now she will

keep casting Cure 4 on your people!

When you summon Asura, she will either attack the enemies, cast a cure

spell on your people, or cast Life on your people depending on what mask

she uses.



How to get him: Fight him after defeating Asura in the town of summoned monsters.

MP needed: 50

Element: Water

How to beat him: Not to easy. He casts a wave of water at you when he is facing

you which takes out lots of damage. When he turns away, then you should attack.

Try Lit spells, they should do some serious damage.

When you summon him, he will do his wave attack on the enemies.



How to get him: Fight him in the Cave of Buhamat on the moon.

MP needed: 60

Element: None

How to beat him: This can be very tough. If you barely made it through the

cave, then you are probably not strong enough to beat him yet. When you

are fighting him, cast wall on as many people as you can before the timer runs

out. Have everyone attack while Rosa casts wall. Cast wall on Cecil and Rosa first,

they are the ones you want to keep alive. When the timer runs out, Buhamat

will cast Mega Flare. This will kill anyone without wall on them. After the

mega Flare, do the same thing again and he should die soon.

This is the only Esper that is in all the Final Fantasies (but you can not summon

him in Final Fantasy One). When you Summon him, he will do his Mega Flare

on all the enemies.



How to get him: Fight him in Baron late in the game.

MP needed: 45

Element: None

How to beat him: This is a hard one too. You must beat the crap out of him

before he does his Zantezuken (Zantezuken is just called Odin in this game). All

I can say is that you will need your characters levels to be kind of high to beat


When you summon him, he will use his Zantezuken on all the enemies causing

instant death. The problem is that this only works on some enemies. If it won't work,

then he wont do anything and just waste 45 MP.



How to get it: Go in the cave where Yang is lying after getting the frying pan from

his wife. Use the pan to hit him over the head and he will wake up. He will say that

he wants to help but instead, Sylph will.

MP needed: 25

Element: None (I think)

They will not do much when you summon them, just some crappy attack.



About the Final Fantasies





Final Fantasy

System: NES/Famicon

JAP release: 12/18/1987

US release: 7/1990

This is defiantly a classic. If you are a Final Fantasy fan and haven't played this

yet then I strongly suggest that you do! It has crappy graphics and is not very

"user friendly" but besides that, it is a very good game. Emulate it or something.




Final Fantasy 2

System: Famicon

JAP release: 12/17/88

US release: Never!

I would love to play this game because it looks very good, but I don’t know Japanese.

This is the only Final Fantasy to have the "Ability Up" system, also seen in Secret Of

Mana. In this game there are no levels. Instead you build up levels in different skills.

This game was remade for the Wonderswan but it has never came out in the US. I sure

hope the game comes out on the Game Boy Advance some day! Oh yeah, almost forgot,

this game is the first to have Chocobo's.



Final Fantasy 3

System: Famicon

JAP release: 4/27/90

US release: Never!

This Final Fantasy is the first to have many things that are still in the rest of the Final Fantasies.

It is the first to have a Cid, Moogles, and many spells and weapons that are still in Final Fantasy 9.

I have played this game a little and it seems pretty hard. This game has a system where you

assign a job class for each character, such as Black Mage, Monk, Knight, and so on.



Final Fantasy 4

System: Super NES/Super Famicon/PSX

JAP release: 3/91

US release: 11/91

Yet another good Final Fantasy by Square. This is probably one of my most favorite Final

Fantasies. This was the second one to be released in the US. The US version was called Final

Fantasy 2 and came from the easy version of the game in Japan. I think this is one of the harder

Final Fantasies while my friends think the opposite. So I will let you decide how hard it really is.



Final Fantasy 5

System: Super Famicon/PSX

JAP release: 12/6/92

US release: 10/5/99

This is the game that was released in Japan while Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was released

in the US. Mystic Quest is the only crappy Final Fantasy. Don't ever bother with it. Final

Fantasy 5 is the only other Final Fantasy to have the system in Final Fantasy 3 where you

assign job classes to your characters. It was never released in the US on the Super Nintendo,

but it was finally released in the Final Fantasy Anthology. Weird but good game. The Moogles

are back and Cid has a grandson named Mid.



Final Fantasy 6

System: Super NES/Super Famicon/PSX

JAP release: Early 94

US release: 10/94

This is another one of my favorites. It is like the older Final Fantasies where the characters

have job classes, but it is also like the newer ones where everyone uses magic. A very good

system. This game also has a relic system. Relics are just like accessories in the other games

that protect you from different things (such as a star pendent). You can have up to two relics

on one person. Relics are also in FF5 but you can only put one on each person, so it is not really

any different from the other Final Fantasies. This Game was released as Final Fantasy 3 on

the Super Nintendo in the US.



Final Fantasy 7

System: PSX

JAP release: 1/31/97

US release: 9/3/97

Europe release: 11/97

The first Final Fantasy to be on the Play Station and have 3D battles. This is a favorite

Final Fantasy to many people but not me. This game can be very confusing at times.

There are many times where you might not have any idea what to do which can be very

frustrating for people playing the game for the first time. Besides that it is a pretty good

game. The one thing that really pissed me off is that they got rid of the music that was

always used when you win a battle and instead used some other crap. I really missed that

song and was glad to hear it again in Final Fantasy 9. This game is the only one to have

the Materia system. Look somewhere else to find out about it. I don’t want to explain the

whole system.




Final Fantasy 8

 System: PSX

JAP release: 2/11/99

US release: 9/7/99

Eurpoe release: 9/29/00

A very good game! FF8 is the only Final Fantasy so far to have the very nice junction

system. The junction system is complicated but fun to use once you understand it.

I had a lot of fun playing this game (More than FF7). If you are an RPG kind of person

and never played this game, then PLAY IT! You are in for a real treat! It also has a good

story without having to read a lot of dialogue (Which can be annoying in FF7 and 9).




Final Fantasy 9

System: PSX

JAP release: 7/7/00

US release: 11/14/00

Europe release: 2/16/01

This is the Final Fantasy where the old job class system comes back. This was a good

game, however there were some things that I did not like. The way you teach people magic

is by equipping certain weapons and armor. Each thing you equip can teach certain characters

certain abilities and/or spells. I don’t really like the way it works and so do a lot of other

people I know. This game was pretty easy. I was glad to hear the old music again when

you win battles.




Final Fantasy 10

System: PS2

JAP release: 7/01

US release: 11/01

Europe release: Unkown

I don’t know much about this game yet. It is only out in Japan right now and wont come

out here in the US for a long, long time. Limit Breaks will be back just like the system in

Final Fantasy 7, but it is not called limit breaks anymore.