Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough

Hard Version

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Table of Contents
Basic Notes
Part I: Baron
Part II: The Mist Cave and the Village Mist
Part III: Kaipo
Part IV: The Water Cavern
Part V: Damcyan
Part VI: Antlion Cave
Part VII: Mt. Hobs
Part VIII: Fabul
Part IX: Mysidia
Part X: Mt. Ordeals
Part XI: Return to Baron
Part XII: Waterways of Baron
Part XIII: Baron Castle
Part XIV: Exploring With Your New Airship
Part XV: Troia
Part XVI: Magnetic Cavern
Part XVII: The Tower of Zot
Part XVIII: Journey to the Underworld
Part XIX: The Dwarven Castle
Part XX: The Tower of Babil (Underworld)
Part XXI: Eblan Castle
Part XXII: Cave Eblan
Part XXIII: Tower of Babil (Overworld)
Part XXIV: Tomra and Kokkol's Smithy
Part XXV: Sylvan Cave
Part XXVI: Land of Summoned Monsters
Part XXVII: Sealed Cave
Part XXVIII: The Excalbur Sword
Part XXIX: Helping An Old Friend
Part XXX: A Trip to the Moon
Part XXXI: Cave Bahamut
Part XXXII: The Giant of Babil
Part XXXIII: The Odin Summon
Part XXXIV: Lunar Subterrane
Part XXXV: The Final Battle
Items and Other Stuff

Basic Notes

This walkthrough is for the Hard version of Final Fantasy IV. For those of us living in America, that means the version released as part of Final Fantasy Chronicles. Throughout this walkthrough I provide "recommended levels"--meaning your party should be at roughly the levels I give in that part of the game. This walkthrough is arranged in what I consider the best order for the game. That doesn't mean you'll agree with me, it just means that I wrote the walkthrough that way.

The only sites that have permission to post this walkthrough as of this version are,, and The RPG Place ( If you see this walkthrough posted somewhere else, please email me at file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/David%20Looney/Local%20Settings/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/Content.IE5/B2ZXTXNB/ and let me know; it may be that I have given my permission to someone else, but either way I'd like to know.

In dungeons or towns, compass directions (north, south, east, west) mean up, down, right, and left (player's right and left) respectively. On the World Map, north means north. (Duh.) Key items are highlighted in red bold text. Regular items are marked in bold text.

I have done my best to make sure that this guide contains no spoilers (other than the obvious ones inherent in writing a walkthrough.) I've also done my best to make sure it is as complete as I can make it, but if I missed something or screwed something up, please let me know.

This walkthrough is my work, and I've spent a lot of time on it, so PLEASE don't copy it! If you'd like to post it on your website, please email me at file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/David%20Looney/Local%20Settings/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/Content.IE5/B2ZXTXNB/ Thanks.

Part I: Baron

Items 480 Gil, Ether1 (x2), Tent (x3), Potion (x3), Eyedrops, EagleEye, MaidKiss, HrGlass1, Gysahl
Key Items BombRing
Shops Item, Inn (50 Gil)
Monsters Eagle, Float Eye, Imp, Sword Rat
Special Notes None

After the opening sequence, during which the king will give you the Bomb Ring, speak to the soldiers guarding the door. Head right and talk to Kain and the two soldiers sitting with him. There are a couple more soldiers to the left that you can talk to. Then take the south exit to get to 1F.

The staircases going down lead to Black and White Magic Labs, where you can learn about magic use in battle, and a little bit about a few characters. Back on 1F, examine the wall switch behind the far-right guard to open the secret door. Open the chests for 480 Gil, an Ether1 and a Tent. Go up the right-hand staircase and explore this section of the castle. Take note of the treasure chamber and the forbidden tower--you'll come back here later.

Return to 1F and take the south exit to speak to more guards. Go back to 1F one last time and take the left exit. You will meet Rosa. Continue on outside. The square building to the left is the dungeon, where you can speak to some captured Mysidian wizards if you wish.

Leave the dungeon and go north. You'll meet Cid. The right-hand door at the north end of this courtyard is the Red Wings' quarters, where Cecil can speak to his men. Now go into the tower to the left of the Red Wings' quarters. Speak to the maid on 2F, then go up to Cecil's room and go to bed. A few scenes will ensue.

In the morning, enter the town of Baron. From the entrance, head right and check the pot for a Potion. Enter the Inn and check the pots to the left for another Potion. Go upstairs and speak to the bartender and the waitress to get an idea of how the town views the King's soldiers. Examine the crossed swords on the wall to open the door, and retrieve the Eyedrops, Tent and EagleEye from the chests.

Leave the Inn and head north. Examine the cluster of four pots to find another Potion. Enter the house to the right of the pots and speak to Rosa's mother. Then check her bookshelf for an Ether1 and search the far left pot for MaidKiss.

Cross the stream and climb up to the area above the waterfalls. Go down the ladder into the water and walk through the waterfall. Follow the stream to the small pool, where you can search for a Tent and an HrGlass1.

Go back and climb out of the water. The small house to the left of Rosa's contains the Devil's Road. You can't use the Road just yet, but you can go down into the basement to find the Training Room, which will give you some quick fighting tips. The house in the northwest corner of town is Cid's.

Stop by the Item shop to pick up some Antidotes and a few more Potions, and you should be good to go. If you wish, upon leaving town you can go to the southwest and find a Chocobo's Forest. There's a Gysahl hidden in the grassy patch. At the north end it "smells like Chocobo" and you can use a Gysahl to make Big Chocobo appear; he'll store items if your inventory is getting full. Now head northwest to the Mist Cave. Try to get both Cecil and Kain to gain a level along the way.

Part II: Mist Cave and the Village Mist

Items Potion (x2), Eyedrops, Tent
Key Items None
Shops None
Monsters Larva, Sand Moth
Special Notes None

Enter the cave and go right until you find a ladder. Climb it and head left. Go down the next ladder and up the one the left, then continue north. You will hear a voice. Continue going straight north until you find a treasure chest, which contains a Potion. Go down the ladder and cross the bridge to the right. Go up the next ladder and all the way right for Eyedrops.

Head back left and down the ladder. Go down to find another ladder, and continue south. Go left, then up for a chest that contains a Tent. Go back and continue to the right.

The treasure chest on the far right wall contains a Potion. You may wish to stop and fight some random battles until Kain and Cecil reach level 12 or so. When you're ready, go north. The voice will challenge you repeatedly. When it asks if you refuse, say "Yes" to fight the first boss of the game.

Boss: Mist Dragon
HP 465
Weakness None
EXP 700
Gil 200

Have Cecil attack and Kain jump. If the boss transforms into Mist, stop attacking--attacks result in Cold Mist, a powerful counterattack. Use Potions to heal Cecil and Kain while the dragon is in Mist form, and resume attacking when it becomes a dragon again.

Exit the cave and save your game. Head east to the Mist Village. A horrible scene will ensue. The battle is a story element, so don't try to attack. After the earthquake, Cecil awakens near the child. Take her to Kaipo, to the northeast.

Part III: Kaipo

Items Ether1
Key Items None
Shops Weapons, armour, Items, Inn
Monsters Sand Man, Sandpede, Sand Worm, Float Eye
Notes None

Enter the town. The game will take over and take Cecil and the girl to the Inn, where the innkeeper refuses payment and sends you on back to the room. During the night, though, the Baronian soldiers catch up with you.

Boss: General & 3 Soldiers
HP General: 221. Soldiers: 27 each.
Weakness None
EXP General: 398; Soldiers: 157 each
Gil General: 80; Soldiers: 54 each

Kill off two of the soldiers first, then focus your attacks on the general. If you kill all of his men, he will retreat, so kill him before taking out the last soldier. This way, you will get the experience points for the general as well as for his soldiers.

In the morning, explore the town and purchase new equipment. You may wish to pick up a ShortBow and Brass arrows for Rydia. The hit rate for all of her weapons is atrocious, but the arrows will do far more damage when she does hit.

There is an Ether1 in the pots north of the weapon shop. Enter the house at the top right corner of town for some shocking news. The man in red will tell you what you must do.

Before heading to the Water Cavern, level Rydia up until she gets Bolt1 and Ice1. You may wish to level her up to at least level 10 to make sure she can hold her own in the dungeon ahead. When you're ready, head to the Water Cavern to the northeast.

Part IV: The Water Cavern

Items Potion (x3), MaidKiss, Tent, Bomb (x2), Life, X-Potion, Ether2, Iron Ring, Ether1 (x2), Ice Rod, 580 Gil, Feather, Notus, HrGlass1, Dark (sword), Hades (helm), Hades (gauntlets), Hades (armour), Hermes
Key Items None
Shops None
Monsters CaveToad, EvilShel, Gator, Jelly, Mad Toad, Pike, TinyMage, WaterBug, WaterHag, Zombie
Special Notes Cecil's shadow-elemental swords are ineffective against Zombies. The TinyMage enemies can steal Rydia and Tellah's HP, so have Cecil kill them as quickly as possible.

Water Cavern - South
Enter the Water Cavern and go north across the bridge for a Potion and a MaidKiss. Go back down to the entrance and head left across another bridge. Continue left and down, where you will find a chest containing a Tent. Go up and across the next bridge, and speak to the sage Tellah. His magic abilities will augment Rydia's nicely. Go up and right across the bridge to get a Bomb. Continue to the right. Go down the ladder into the water, then left and up for an Iron Ring. Go back into the water and go down and left until you reach the large waterfall. Walk into it. This will bring you to a "Secret Area" containing Life, X-Potion and an Ether2. Return to the ladder you used to get into the water in the first place and climb up to dry land. Continue left and up to reach the door to the next part of the cave.

Go north and climb down into the water. Go left and up for a chest containing a Potion. Go back into the water and down. Return to dry land and head left for an Ether1. Go back right and down, then left and up for a door into a smaller room containing a Save Point. Rest and save. Go north to leave the Save Point room, then right and up for an Ice Rod. Go down into the water, then right and up to get to the exit.

Go right and down. Where the path splits, take the right-hand path for a Bomb and 580 Gil. Continue left, then up.

Go left to find a secret passage that lets out near a treasure chest containing a Potion. Re-enter the secret passage and continue up and right to get to a treasure chest holding a Feather. Equip this nice helmet to Rydia and give her previous equipment to Tellah. Follow the secret passage back to where you found the Potion, then use the exit to the north.

Water Cavern - North
Go up and then left for an Ether1 and a Notus. Go right across the bridge. An HrGlass1 and the Dark sword can be found down and to the left. Use the exit at the north, which will take you out to a small, enclosed valley on the World Map. Use a Tent and Save, as a boss battle is rapidly approaching. Then move northwest to re-enter the Water Cavern.

Tellah will spot the monster at the bottom of the falls. Your party will then leap happily down the waterfall (proof positive that RPG characters are nutjobs.) Once you land, climb up the ladder to your right. Go down, left, and down again for the Hades helmet and the Hades gauntlets. Equip these to Cecil, and head north to reach the next area.

Cross the bridge to your right for the Hades armour and a Hermes. Go across the bridge to the north and down the ladder into the water. Head up to face the guardian of the Water Cavern.

Boss: Octomamm
HP 2350
Weakness Shadow, Bolt
EXP 1200
Gil 500

This boss has many tentacles, which you can use as an indicator of its health. The fewer tentacles it has, the weaker it becomes. Have Cecil perform physical attacks while Rydia and Tellah cast Bolt1. After defeating the boss, you are free to continue to Damcyan. Walk forward into the space where Octomamm was to reach Damcyan.

Part V: Damcyan

Items Tent, Crossbow, Feather, RubyRing, Ether1, Life, Soft, Eyedrops, Antidote, Potion, 10 Holy Arrows (x2), 10 Brass Arrows
Key Items None
Shops None
Monsters Imp, SwordRat, TinyMage, SandWorm, SandPede, Sand Man
Special Notes None

Damcyan is north of the Water Cavern. As you approach, a cinema scene will take place. Once inside the castle, go straight up through the first floor. On 2F, there is a chest in the northeast corner containing a Tent. Go up to 3F, where you will see another scene. Afterward, land the Hovercraft and re-enter the castle.

3F has two healing pots. The one on the left restores HP and abnormal status, the one on the right restores MP. Go back to 1F and exit the castle, then carefully go right across the sand without exiting to the World Map. Continue up and right until you reach the small building attached to the side of the castle. Enter and speak to the fallen guard. Then flip the switch and go into the secret passage. Walk through the right-hand wall of the rightmost cell. The treasure chests in the cells contain a Feather, Crossbow and RubyRing. You must walk through the cell walls to get them all. Return to the main room of the dungeon and go downstairs.

There are Holy arrows in the two bottom pots. The upper right pot contains Brass arrows. The treasure chests contain Soft, Life, Ether1, Potion, Antidote, and Eyedrops.

Leave the castle and take a short time to level Edward up in the desert. Oh yes, and make sure he's in the back row. He's far too much of a pansy to survive the front row. When you're ready, take the Hovercraft west and cross the shallows, then go south to the Antlion Cave.

Part VI: Antlion Cave

Items Potion (x3), Silk Web (x2), Soft, Tent, Notus, Lamia, HrGlass1, Life, Ether1, Exit
Key Items SandRuby
Shops None
Monsters Basilisk, Cream, Imp Cap., Turtle, Weeper, Imp
Notes Basilisks can petrify you. Creams must be defeated by magic.

Enter the cave. Go down the ladder directly in front of you, left, and up under the bridge to get to a treasure chest containing a Potion. Continue left for a Silk Web. Now go down, all the way to the right, and up around the donut-shaped area for a Soft. Now go down the double ladders, left, and up for a Potion. Go left and all the way down to the bottom of the room, then left across it. Go up for a Tent and a Potion. Then return to the double ladders and through the door below them.

Go straight down until you find a chest on the right containing a Notus. The door to the left opens into a room containing the Lamia, a far more powerful harp than the Dreamer. Return to the main room. Continue left, then head up. Bypass the door for the present and continue left for a Silk Web. Head back right and check north of the door for an HrGlass1, then go through the door. In this new room, there is a door to the left that leads to a Save Point and some chests, which will yield a Life, Ether1, and Exit. Save and rest. Leave the Save Point room, return to B2F, and go left and all the way down through the next door. You will find yourself in a large circular room. Descend to the center of the concentric rings.

Boss: Antlion
HP 1100
Weakness None
EXP 1500
Gil 800

Have Edward Hide and Cecil Parry while Rydia continuously summons Chocb. Do NOT use physical attacks or Antlion will retaliate with a powerful counterattack. You will win the SandRuby after this battle.

Take the HoverCraft back to Damcyan and cross the western shallows to reach Kaipo. Use the SandRuby on Rosa to heal her. That night, Edward will go outside to play his harp by himself, and will find himself attacked by a Water Hag. Use mostly regular attacks in this "event" battle, and enjoy the scene.

Part VII: Mt. Hobs

Items 960 Gil, Soft, Potion, Tent, Holy (x10)
Key Items None
Shops None
Monsters Bomb, Cocatris, Gargoyle, GrayBomb, Skeleton, Spirit, Needler, SwordRat, Imp Cap.
Special Notes Bombs and GrayBombs will explode if their HP gets too low. Cocatris enemies can petrify your party members.

Stock up on items and equipment in Kaipo, then head for Mt. Hobs, which is northeast of the Antlion Cave. As you enter, a cinema will occur. Move forward when all is said and done. Enter the door ahead of you for four treasure chests containing Tent, Potion, Soft, and 960 Gil. Rest and save at the save point. Go back to the first area and take the right-hand door. Grab the Holy arrows from the treasure chest to the right, and continue upwards. After a short cinema, your party will join the battle.

Boss: Mom Bomb
HP 11,000
Weakness None
EXP 1900
Gil 543

Use Rydia's Chocb summon and keep your HP's very high. MomBomb will Explode after taking some damage. Use Yang's Kick and Cecil's Dark attack to pound the resulting Bombs and Gray Bombs, then target spells at each one individually to kill them before they can Detonate.

Afterward, have Rosa heal everyone. Then enter the door at the north to continue on your way to Fabul. The rest of Mt. Hobs is very easy to navigate. Once back on the World Map, go east and then north, following the narrow track of land. Slip between the mountain ranges and go southeast. The castle is surrounded by a moat.

Part VIII: Fabul

Items ThorRage, Potion, Notus, Bomb, Bacchus, Tent, Hermes, Ether1, Demon, Silk Web, Death
Key Items None
Shops Weapons/Armour, Items, Inn
Monsters Captain, Fighter, Weeper, Imp Cap., Water Hag, Gargoyle
Special Notes None

Pause outside the castle to strip Rosa of all her equipment. Enter the castle. Make very sure you buy a lot of Potions at the Item Shop, because you will definitely want them in the upcoming battles. The Item Shop is contained within the Inn area. Stop by the Weapon shop to get Yang some Claws (Bolt Claws are good for the time being, but try to get at least one of each and preferably two.) Pick up some Demon armour for Cecil, too.

Go up to 2F and take the south exit. Enter the West tower to find a Bomb, Notus, and Potion in the treasure chests. Search the left hand pot on the north wall for ThorRage. Go up to the third floor to speak to Yang's wife if you want, then return to the courtyard and go to the East tower. You will find a Bacchus in the bottom pot on 2F. There is a Tent in the treasure chest on 3F; stop to rest in the King's bed for the upcoming battles. Return to the central area of the castle and head up to the Throne Room, where you should agree to help Fabul in the upcoming battles.

Now begins a series of battles in which Rydia and Rosa will not participate, so you will be without healing magic. I do hope you took my advice and bought those potions...

First Battle: Captain and two Fighters If you want extra experience, kill one Fighter, then the Captain, then the other Fighter, as the Captain will flee if both his companions die.
Second Battle: Weeper, Imp Cap. and Water Hag Take out the Imp Cap. first, then use Yang's Bolt and Fire claws on the Water Hag and Weeper.
Third Battle: Captain and two Fighters See above. Make sure you're keeping your HP's up!
Fourth Battle: Gargoyle Have Edward either equip a bow and Holy arrows, or Sing to confuse it. It is weak against projectiles.
Fifth Battle: Weeper, Imp Cap. and Water Hag This is just like the previous battle. Again, be sure you're keeping your HP's high, as there is still more to come after this.
Sixth Battle: Captain and two Fighters I'm sure you know how to deal with this by now...

After the sixth battle, your party withdraws into the Crystal Room. A story-driven battle will take place after a short scene. Don't waste any remaining healing items on Cecil; he can't win this fight. Afterward, return to the Throne Room. The pot to the left contains a Hermes. Go to the right side of the throne room and press the floor switch to reveal a secret passage leading to three treasure chests, which yield a Silk Web, Ether 1, and the Demon shield. The Chancellor will tell you that the King is in his quarters. Stop by the Inn to rest on your way there, as your party probably needs it. The King will give you a Death sword for Cecil and a nice ship to sail to Baron. Leave the castle and head slightly east to board the ship. Before you get on, you may wish to pause and strip everyone but Cecil of all their equipment. Several scenes will ensue.

Part IX: Mysidia

Items None
Key Items None
Shops Weapons, Armour, Items, Inn
Monsters (Outside) Zuu, Sword Rat, Imp, TinyMage, Cocatris, Imp Cap., Needler
Special Notes The Zuus are particularly weak against the KO effect of Cecil's Death sword.

Be very careful in this town. Cecil is distinctly unpopular here--I can't imagine why. Rather than risking the ire of the townsfolk, go straight to the House of Prayer in the north. Speak to the black-clad Elder. He will assign two apprentice mages to help you on your quest at Mt. Ordeals.

Everyone is in need of new equipment, so head to the shops. Although the weapon shop carries rods and staves, I recommend bows and Holy arrows. Buy all the Paladin armour too; Cecil can't use it now, but you will want it later. Pick up an extra set of Gaia Gear, Magus helmet and Silver ring--you never know when you might want it. Level the twins up a little outside. You will want the spells they'll learn, and it will help you earn the elusive Gil for all that Paladin gear. Use Cecil's Dark attack against large groups of enemies. When you're ready, follow the twisting land to Mount Ordeals.

Part X: Mt. Ordeals

Items Potion (x2), Ether1 (x2)
Key Items None
Shops None
Monsters Ghoul, Lilith, RedBone, Revenant, Soul, Skeleton, Zombie
Special Notes Lilith monsters use Slap to inflict status effects. Cecil's dark sword is totally ineffective against the undead monsters here, but he'll make up for it later.

There is a Chocobo Forest just south of the entrance to Mt. Ordeals. Stop by there and use Porom's magic to cure your party completely, then have a White Chocobo restore your MP. When you're healed, enter Mount Ordeals. A few scenes will occur.

When you control Cecil again, go right past the staircase for a Potion. At the top of the stairs is another Potion. Go up the second staircase and enter the door to the right.

As you approach the next door, an old friend will rejoin your party. At Elevation 7, you'll find an Ether1 to the far left and another Ether1 farther up. Incidentally, at this point in the game my Cecil was level 20, Palom and Porom were level 17, and Tellah was level 22. Go through the door to the next area. Make sure you use a tent and save at the Save Point to the right! Continue across the bridge and you will face....

Boss: Milon and 4 Ghasts
HP Milon: 3500; Ghasts: 200 each
Weakness Fire, Holy
EXP Milon: 3200; Ghasts: 50 each
Gil Milon: 2000; Ghasts: 100 each

Take out the Ghasts first. Tellah and Palom should be casting their strongest Fire spells. Have Cecil attack only Milon, as his Dark Sword will not harm the Ghasts. Porom should concentrate on healing the party. Milon will counterattack consistently with Bolt spells. After this battle, save and heal at the save point before continuing on!

Boss: Milon Z.
HP 3523
Weakness Fire, Holy, Projectile
EXP 3600
Gil 2500

Milon Z. attacks your party from behind (we won't discuss the potential wrongness of THAT.) Your first character to act should use the Row command to protect your poor weaklings (also known as the twins and Tellah.) Have Tellah and Palom pound Milon Z. with Fire, or use the twins' Twin Magic. Use Antidotes to cure the poison that Milon inflicts, and have Cecil use his most powerful attacks on Milon Z.

After this fight, continue on to the small building at the left. A scene and plot-driven battle ensue. During the battle, defend only. After all is said and done, Cecil becomes a Paladin and Tellah receives a mysterious, but welcome, gift. This should make life quite a bit easier for you. Stop to equip Cecil with all that Paladin gear that I assume you bought in Mysidia. Your trip back down the mountain should be much easier with Cecil's Holy Sword to help. You may want to think about grabbing a Chocobo to get back to Mysidia, or you can do it the hard way.

Part XI: Return to Baron

Items 1000 Gil
Key Items Baron Key
Shops Item, Weapons, armour, Inn
Monsters Guards
Special Notes None

Return to Mysidia and speak to the Elder, who will decide to unseal the Devil's Road to Baron. Enter the building north of the Inn to take the road. Step on the white circle and you will be teleported back to Baron.

Head first to the Inn, where you will find another old friend upstairs. Speak to him. You will have to fight two Guards, who enjoy casting Pig or Mini on your characters. Then you will have to fight your old comrade. Pound all these enemies into the ground, fast.

Once you defeat him, the party decides to stay at the Inn. You will receive the Baron Key. Now you can access all the shops! Go shopping, and make sure you get a pair each of Bolt and Ice Claws for Yang. Equip him with one of each for now, and visit Cid's house in the northwest corner of Baron. His daughter will tell you that he's been gone awhile. Go to the locked door south of his house and use the Baron Key. You will get into the waterway. Check for a secret passage in the right-hand wall of this first room for 1000 Gil.

Part XII: Waterways of Baron

Items Hi Potion, Ether1 (x2), ThorRage, HrGlass1, Silk Web, Hermes, Ancient
Key Items None
Shops None
Monsters Pike, Aqua Worm, Crocdile, ElecFish, FangShel, Guard, Hydra, Piranha, Gator
Special Notes Bolt is your friend against most creatures. Use Ice against the alligator types. Oh, and don't use Bolt against ElecFishes.

Go up, right, and down into the water. Take the secret passage to the right into a room with a small waterfall. There is another secret passage on the right side of this area; go down and right to the central area. The treasure chest in the middle of this area yields a Hermes. Now take the hidden path south of that chest and go left and down. Step onto the ladder, then go left, up, and left to reach a small room with a chest containing a Silk Web. Go down into the water and enter the secret passage to the left for another treasure chest with an HrGlass1. Now return to the central area and continue to a secret passage at the right, marked by a clump of rocks against the wall. Exit through the northern door.

After you climb the stairs, go left through the secret passage for the Ether1 in the chest. Continue north.

The door to the left leads to a Save Point. A secret passage in the right wall of the Save Point room leads to the Ancient sword, which is largely useless except for using the Duplication Trick to make more of it to sell (and at 9500 a pop, it's nothing to sneeze at.) Rest and save. Then leave the Save room and continue right to exit the Waterways.

Part XIII: Baron Castle

Items Unihorn (x2), Ether1 (x4), Life (x2), Bacchus (x2), Hermes (x2), Hi-Potion (x2), Tent (x2), Elixir
Key Items None
Shops None
Monsters None
Special Notes None

After exiting the waterway into the moat, head counterclockwise until you find a small ladder and door leading into the castle. Go to the tower straight north of you and have a quick nap in Cecil's bed, then head for the Throne Room. You will encounter the Captain of the Guard, Baigan, but something's wrong...

Boss: Baigan
HP Body: 4444; Arms: 444 each
Weakness None
EXP Baigan: 4000; Arms: 10 each
Gil 3000

Baigan's arms regenerate, so don't focus on them. Rather, have the twins use their Twin Magic attack and have Cecil attack the body. If Tellah uses spells against Baigan, he will cast Wall on himself. You can then cast Wall on one of your own party members and have Tellah bounce black magic off that person.

After the battle, return to Cecil's tower and rest. You will need it for the upcoming battle. Now take a moment to head to the east side of the castle. Press the now-unguarded wall switch to open the door to Baron's treasury and acquire two Unihorns, two Ether1s, and two Lifes. then go to the East Tower. Speak to Cid's men. Enter the tower and search the basement for an Elixir in the second pot. Continue right to find an odd barrier. Keep this in mind. On 1F, liberate two Bacchus items and two Hermes from the chests. Go up to 2F for two HiPotions. 3F yields an Ether1, two Tents, and an additional Ether1 from the pot below the stairs. Just so you now, about now my character levels are as follows: Cecil 15, the twins 18, Tellah 23, and Yang 20. Now head to the throne room, and face...

Boss: Cagnazzo
HP 5312
Weakness Bolt
EXP 5500
Gil 4000

It might behoove you to take a quick trip back to Cecil's tower after the skirmish with Baigan to replenish your HP. Equip Yang with BoltClaws. Tellah and Palom must cast strong Bolt spells each round to nullify Cagnazzo's Wave attack. Have Porom heal while Cecil attacks and helps Porom heal. When Cagnazzo uses the "Turtle Defense" and pulls into his shell (does this remind anybody else of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and their "Turtle Power"?), use the opportunity to heal and defend.

Afterward, the party composition changes and you'll see a poignant scene. Enjoy.

Part XIV: Exploring With Your New Airship

Items Bomb (x2), Tiara, Clothes, RubyRing, Change staff, 5000 Gil, Mythril dagger, Mythril staff, Boreas
Key Items None
Shops Various
Monsters Various
Special Notes This section covers three towns.

Now that you have an airship, you should take a brief time to explore before going to Troia. The Baron area is a good place to pull the Item Duplication trick with the Ancient sword to ensure that you have enough cash to buy all the nifty items that become available to you.

Village Mist
This is to the northwest of Baron, as you may remember. Search the brassy areas for two Bombs. Enter the northwest house and walk into the fireplace for a secret passage leading to Tiara, Clothes, and RubyRing. Step into the right-hand wall for another secret passage leading to the Change staff.

Mythril Village
This is located directly south of Fabul. There is some truly fabulous, but hellishly expensive, equipment here. Search the grassy areas for 5000 Gil, Mythril staff and the Mythril dagger. Sell both the staff and the dagger. Buy Cecil a Mythril sword and give Tellah the Change staff from the Village Mist rather than buying him Mythril.

This village is directly south of Baron. There's nice Iron equipment here if you can't afford Mythril. There's a Boreas in the grassy area to the northwest of the sacred well.

Part XV: Troia

Items 1000 Gil, Ether1 (x3), Ether2, Illusion, Bacchus, Tent (x2), HiPotion (x2), RubyRing (x2)
Key Items TwinHarp
Shops Weapons, armour, Item, Inn
Monsters Cannibal, Panther, Python, StingRat, Needler, Treant
Special Notes The shops sell craptacular gear for a reason.

You must land the airship in the itty bitty space next to the castle. Enter the town first. Climb down into the watery area in the southeast corner of the town. Follow the stream up to the northwest corner. There's a hidden passage through the trees to a grassy area containing an Ether2, Ether1, Illusion, and 1000 Gil. The house in the northeast corner will educate you as to the powers of Black Chocobos. A secret passage in the right wall of the basement in that house will allow you to talk to the woman in the Chocobo pen. Now it's time to go to the castle.

Go straight north until you reach the chamber where the eight Clerics are gathered. Speak to each of them to learn about the Earth Crystal and its location. Afterward, return to the room south of the Clerics and go left. Enter the door at the south to find...yes, you guessed it...another old companion. He will give you the TwinHarp. Return to the main foyer and this time go to the right; then into the northeast tower. You will see three staircases. Take the central one for a Bacchus in the upper right pot. Return to the floor above and descend the right-hand staircase. Here, step on a switch to open the first of 4 secret doors, the remainder of which will open one after another as you collect the two Tents, two HiPotions, two Ether1s, and the two RubyRings from the chests.

If you try the left-hand staircase, the guard will ask you if you have the Clerics' permission. You don't. If you tell the truth, she'll be impressed by your honesty. If you lie, she'll see right through you. Don't worry, you will get permission eventually. For now, level up in the forests outside Troia. I like to have the following levels before I go to retrieve the Earth Crystal:

Cecil 21
Yang 23
Tellah 25
Cid 22

It may seem high, but remember that you won't be able to use any of your really good equipment there. Higher levels are to your benefit, now and later in the game.

Re-arrange your party with Cecil and Tellah in the back row, Yang and Cid in the front. Equip Cecil with the Great Bow and Holy arrows. Equip Ruby Rings on everyone; give Cid the Wooden hammer. Give Yang a pair of FireClaws, and equip the Kenpo armour on everyone. Buy a bunch of Potions in Troia. Then snag a Black Chocobo from the Chocobo Forest north of Troia and fly northeast to the Magnetic Cavern.

Part XVI: Magnetic Cavern

Items HiPotion (x4), Unihorn, Ether1 (x4), 2000 Gil, Silk Web, HrGlass1, Fairy claw, Exit, Remedy (x2), Ether2 (x2), Elixir, Echo Note (x2), GreatBow, Fire arrows x10 (x2), Ice arrows x10 (x2), Bolt arrows x10, Ag Apple
Key Items Earth
Shops None
Monsters CaveBat, CaveNaga, Mage, Ogre, VampGirl, Panther
Special Notes None

Upon entering, your party will remark on the magnetic field. MAKE SURE that no one is equipped with metal gear--they will be paralyzed in battle. If your whole party is paralyzed when a battle starts, it's Game Over. Anyway, cross the bridge at your right for a HiPotion. Tellah's magic will be badly needed to heal your party, so don't waste it attacking. Backtrack left a little from the chest you just emptied and go down, right, down, and left. The chest to the left of the stairs down holds a Unihorn. Go down the stairs.

Go all the way left and up from the entrance for a treasure chest with an Ether1 inside. Continue right from the treasure chest and cross the bridge. Enter the door to your right. There are two treasure chests in this room, containing an Ether1 and 2000 Gil. Return to the main room and head left to find the stairs to the next area.

The doors below you and to the left lead to a Save Point, which you probably need about now. Rest and save. Then exit that room and follow the bridge down. The door at the end of the bridge leads to a room where you will find a HiPotion, Silk Web, and HrGlass1. Leave this room and continue to the left, then up. The door at the end of the stony corridor leads to a treasure chest with a very nice Fairy claw for Yang, which is highly effective against the Ogre monsters. Continue left to get to the next floor.

Head left across the bridge. When you reach the platform with the torches, head right for a Save Point. Continue up through the torches to face the Master of the Cavern. Don't worry about the treasure chest--you can grab it later.

Boss: Dark Elf/Dragon
HP Dark Elf: 23890; Dark Dragon: 3927
Weakness Dark Elf: None; Dark Dragon: Holy
EXP Dark Elf: 1000; Dark Dragon: 6000
Gil Dark Elf: 4000; Dark Dragon: 5000

The first part of this battle is story-driven. You will get your ass kicked and there's bugger-all you can do about it. After the Dark Elf bends you over and has his way with you, a story event will take place. Take a moment to re-equip your strongest gear. Then go back to the Dark Elf and do battle. Use Tellah's Wall spell to defend against the Dark Elf's powerful magic, and use DietFood to cure the Piggy status. Use Yang's Power attack while Cecil and Cid use normal attacks. The Dark Elf will transform into the Dark Dragon, who is much the same except more powerful. Do not use magic against him; instead, have Tellah heal after the nasty Dark Breath attack while the others attack.

After you defeat the Dark Dragon, you will grab the Earth Crystal and leave the Crystal Room. There is an Exit in the treasure chest to the right. Rest and save. Now that the magnetic field is gone, this cavern is a great place to level up before heading back to Troia.

Your Black Chocobo will fly you back to the Chocobo Forest near Troia. You may wish to get a Yellow Chocobo to get back to Troia. Enter the castle. Go to the throne room and speak to the Clerics. Outside their room, head right and down to get to the room with three staircases. Take the left one and speak to the guard, who will allow you access to the treasury. There, you'll find two of each of the following: HiPotion, Remedy, Ether1, Ether2, EchoNote, Ice arrows x10, Fire arrows x10. You'll also find an Elixir, GreatBow, AgApple, and Bolt arrows x10. Once you've got the goodies, return to your airship. Kain will take you to your next destination.

Part XVII: The Tower of Zot

Items Flame armour, Flame sword, HellClaw, Flame shield, Gaia hammer, Wizard robe
Key Items Magma
Shops None
Monsters Carapace, Centaur, EpeeGirl, Gremlin, IceBeast, IceLiz, Marion, Puppet, Slime, SwordMan, Witch
Special Notes Many creatures here absorb ice, but are weak against fire.

From your starting point, go all the way to the upper left corner of the room for the Flame armour. Head over to the right corner, where you will find a door to the next floor.

Go down and to the left. Where the path bends up again, go down through the wall, one square to the left, and down again. Head left, then up. To the right of the door is a treasure chest with monsters inside--a FlameDog who is very weak against fire. Defeat him for the Flame sword. Continue through the door.

There are no treasures on this floor. The simplest way through is along the bottom of the room, up the right hand wall, and left across the top.

Cross the bottom of the room and take the first path up. Then take the door to the left. There's a treasure chest to the right with a HellClaw. Go down for another treasure chest at the right with the Flame shield. Return to 4F. Go right and take the center door. The treasure chest to the left contains the Gaia hammer. Return to 4F again and take the right-hand door for the Wizard robe. Return to 4F one last time, go to the bottom of the room, and head right, then up.

Go down and to the left. The first door leads to a save point, which you'll want to make use of. Continue onward.

Boss: Magus Sisters
HP Sandy: 2591; Cindy: 4599; Mindy: 2590
Weakness None
EXP 2500 each
Gil 3000 each

These three work together to pound your party with the nasty Delta Attack, which is made possible by the fat sister's Wall spell. Pound her with everything you've got, but don't use magic. It will only be reflected back at you. Once the fat one is gone, take out the smallest one (the spell caster.) You can then eliminate the tall one at your leisure. Physical attacks are the way to go in this battle; save Tellah's power for healing.

After the battle, use a Tent and save. Remove all of Tellah's equipment. Continue through the door that the Magus Sisters were guarding. After a number of events, speak to Kain and get the Magma. Then go retrieve Rosa, and make sure you check both Kain's and Rosa's equipment.

Boss: Valvalis
HP 8636
Weakness None
EXP 9000
Gil 5500

The Wind attack will knock your party members' HP critically low. Valvalis uses this attack while in tornado form; use Kain's Jump attack to force her out of her spin. Rosa must cure your party while the others attack. Beware the Glare attack, which will cause Slow Petrify.

Part XVIII: Journey to the Underworld

Items None
Key Items None
Shops Various
Monsters Various
Special Notes None

After resting at Baron, go to the east tower and head downstairs. The impassable barrier is now gone. Speak to the King's ghost.

Take a while now to boost your party's levels into the low 30's. The Magnetic Cavern is a good place to do this. Then fly to Agart, directly south of Baron. You can stop by the Observatory for grins if you like. When you're done meandering around, drop the Magma into the bottomless well.

Go outside and fly Enterprise over the newly revealed crater. Press X to enter the Underworld. You will land. After you save, head into the castle to your right.

Part XIX: The Dwarven Castle

Items 5000 Gil, Dwarf Axe, Bacchus (x2), Elixir (x2), Ether1 (x2), HrGlass2, Strength gauntlet, Hi-Potion, BlkBelt, Gysahl (x3), Cabin (x3), Smut
Key Items None
Shops Weapons, Armour, Items, Inn
Monsters (outside) Armadilo, BlackLiz, Centpede, Dark Imp, GlomWing, Gorgon, RockMoth, RocLarva, Tortoise, TrapRose
Special Notes The BlackLiz and Gorgon monsters use Petrify attacks. You may win Medusa arrows or the Gorgon sword from Gorgons.

You won't be able to enter many places in the castle until you've spoken to King Giott, so you may as well get that over with. Head straight north through the castle to reach the throne room. After a scene, Yang will sense someone spying on you.

Boss: 3 Cal, 3 Brena
HP Cal: 1369 each; Brena: 369 each.
Weakness None
EXP 1,000 each
Gil 500 each

Have Kain Jump and Yang attack the blue dolls in the back row, while Cecil and Rosa take on the red ones in the front. After you've killed off a few, the remaining dolls will merge into....

Boss: Calbrena
HP 5315
Weakness None
EXP 12,000
Gil 5,000

Pound her with your strongest attacks. Beware her Glance attack, which will confuse your party members.

After you defeat the Calbrena, a number of scenes will ensue, including a story battle. When given the option, summon Titan. You'll get 15,000 EXP and 11,000 Gil for all of this.

Leave the throne room and take the stairs at the far right side of the hall to get to the Weapon and Armour shops. Don't buy the Dwarf Axe, though; you'll find one inside the castle.

Go upstairs and to the right. The Dwarf Axe, as promised, is in the chest at the top. Continue up the stairs. Go down to the bottom of the room. There is a gap between the pot and the wall. Enter and go left, then up for a Bacchus. Continue up to 5F for Strength, Elixir, Ether1, and HrGlass2. In order to get all of these items, you'll have to find hidden passageways through the walls. It's not terribly hard to do.

Return to the Weapon and Armour shop. Walk into the wall between the two counters. It leads to the Pub. Walk through the wall in the lower-right hand corner of the pub to reach the Developers' Room. In the room where you find Mr. Narita (head programmer), you can find the Smut magazine on the bookshelf. Talk to Mr. Takita while this item is in your inventory, and he'll happily join your party.

Return to the area outside the Throne Room. Take the left-hand staircase, which leads to an Item Shop and the Inn. Don't stay at the Inn--it's cheaper to purchase Cabins and use them outside, plus you'll encounter healing pots before you have to start fighting again. Search the pot next to the Item Shop for 5,000 Gil. Take the stairs at the left to go up. Once you reach 4F, a secret passage at the right lets you get to a pot containing a Bacchus. Up on 5F, use secret passages in the walls much as you did in the other tower to acquire an Elixir, Hi-Potion, BlkBelt, and Ether1.

Return to the Inn/Item Shop and take the upper set of steps next to the Inn. Search the three pots to the right of the red carpet for three Gysahls. Summon Fat Chocobo here, if you wish. Speak to the guard at the left to open the path to the tower. Down and to the right you can find three Cabins. Take the steps in the lower left corner to reach the Dwarven Base. The pot at the far left will restore your HP and MP. Go up the stairs and save outside. Go northwest to reach the tower. At this point you will probably want to level up. My party's levels are all in the mid to high 30's.

Part XX: Tower of Babil (Underworld)

Items Ice Arrows x10 (x2), Ether1, Bandanna, IceSpear, IceBrand, CatClaw, HiPotion (x2), Life, Archer bow, Notus, Icearmour, IceShld, Boreas, Ether2
Key Items Tower Key
Shops None
Monsters Alert, Egg, EvilDoll, FlameDog, FlameMan, Chimera, Medusa, Naga, Stoneman, Tofu, Imp, Tortoise, BlackLiz
Special Notes Most monsters here are weak against Ice, except Chimeras, which absorb Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Use Kain's Jump attack to kill the Alert enemy before it can summon a monster to aid it.

After entering the tower, go left and get two sets of Ice Arrows x10 from the chests on the left side of the room. Check the right side of the room for a chest containing an Ether1, then head through the door in the center of the north wall.

There's a treasure chest immediately to the left containing a Bandanna. Go straight down and take the door to the right. Defeat the Alert in the treasure chest for the IceSpear. Go back and enter the far right door, killing the treasure-chest enemy for the IceBrand. Return to the main area and head left to find the door to 3F.

The treasure chest to the left contains a Cat Claw. To the right, you'll find a treasure chest containing a HiPotion. Go down and all the way to the left for a Life. Take the nearby door to an enclosed section of 4F where you can find the Archer bow to the left and a Notus to the right. Return to 3F. Go all the way to the top of the room, left, and down to find the door to the main part of 4F.

Directly to your left is a Save Point. Go up and right, then down, where you should find two doors next to each other. The left-hand door leads to a small room. Fight the Alert in the treasure chest for the IceShld. The right hand door just leads to an empty room, so go up. The door on the right is a treasure chest, where you must fight the Alert for an Icearmour. Head left.

5F and 6F
Go down, right, up, and around for a Boreas. Then head down and all the way to the right for a treasure chest containing a Hi-Potion. Take the right door, which will detour you through a small part of 6F. Head left.

7F and 8F
Go right to find a room containing a Save Point. Then go down. There's a chest to the left containing an Ether2. Go to the door at the far right on 8F and head to the center of the room.

Boss: Lugae, Balnab, Balnab-Z, Lugaborg
HP Lugae: 4936; Balnab: 4832; Balnab-Z: 4518; Lugaborg: 9321
Weakness None
EXP 10101
Gil 4000

Dr. Lugae will oil Balnab to heal it and keep it running smoothly, so you should defeat him first. Balnab will Detonate, damaging one of your party. Alternately, you can defeat Balnab first, in which case Dr. Lugae will take control of it and it will become Balnab-Z. After a few rounds of this, Dr. Lugae will accidentally Detonate Balnab-Z. Have Cecil, Kain, and Yang parry, Rosa heal, and Rydia summon Titan. It should only take a few summons.

Lugae becomes the robot skeleton Lugaborg, making it difficult if not impossible to revive any characters you may have lost in the last battle. He will also cast Poison on your entire party. You can use Antidotes, but the idiot will remove the status a few turns later. Instead, use Rosa to keep your HP up. Have Yang use BoltClaws and Rydia cast Bolt2 or summon Ramuh. Cecil and Kain should attack while Rosa Aims Bolt arrows or heals. For defeating Lugaborg, you receive the Tower Key.

Quickly return to 5F with the Tower Key. Before you approach the central door, make sure to unequip any items Yang is using that you wish to keep. A large number of events will ensue. Return to 1F. More events will occur. You will be returned to the Overworld. Drop by Baron and speak to Cid's men. Once they've done their thing, scoot your butt back to Mt. Hobs (or wherever you left your HoverCraft) and press X to nab it. Then head either south from Troia or west from Agart to find Eblan.

Part XXI: Eblan Castle

Items Bacchus (x2), Kamikaze, Mute arrows x10, 10,000 Gil, Sleep sword, Coffin, Exit, Ether1 (x3), Hermes, Cabin (x2), HrGlass2, AgApple, BloodSpr, HiPotion, Soft, MaidKiss, Unihorn, Alarm
Key Items None
Shops None
Monsters HugeCell, Roc, RocBaby, Staleman, Skull, BlackLiz, FlameDog, BlackCat, Lamia, Mad Ogre
Special Notes None

If you can, try to get your levels to about level 40 in this area. I know the constant leveling up is a pain, but doing it gradually will really help when you get to the final dungeon.

Main Castle
Go straight north. In the area with many empty treasure chests, walk through the wall to the right for a HiPotion. Continue heading north straight through 2F. From the Throne Room, walk through the walls to the left and right for passageways to treasure chests. These contain a Cabin, MaidKiss, Soft, Alarm, and Unihorn. Return to the first area of the castle and enter the West Tower (the stairs to the left under the portcullis.)

West Tower
On 1F, walk through the wall to the right as son as you enter to find a hidden pathway to a treasure chest. Defeat a Staleman and four Skulls for the Sleep sword. Go upstairs and check the lowest of the three pots for a Bacchus. There is a secret staircase in the alcove to the left leading to a Kamikaze. There is also a hidden passage between the lower pots, leading to the treasure chests on the right, where you'll find Mute Arrows x10 and 10,000 Gil. Now go to the East Tower.

East Tower
Behind the top left column on 1F is a secret passage leading to a Coffin. Go upstairs and press the switch to open the door. Go down and around the staircase to actually get *in* the door. There is an Exit and an Ether1 to the left. Check the far right pot for a Hermes. The lower right chest contains a Cabin. To the right of the pots is a secret passage leading to a treasure chest. Fight two BlackCats and a Lamia for the BloodSpr. Return, and step on the black square. There is an HrGlass2 to the right. Walk straight down.

Check the two left chests for two Ether1 items. Fight three MadOgres in the right hand chest for a rare and useful Ag Apple. Follow the path out of the castle.

Take your HoverCraft across the shallows to Cave Eblan.

Part XXII: Cave Eblan

Items Vampire, Shuriken (x2), Remedy, Potion (x2), Ether1, Tent, HiPotion (x3), Cabin, Elixir (x2), SilkWeb, Life (x2), HrGlass2, Kamikaze, Soft, BloodSwd, Ether2
Key Items None
Shops Item, Inn, Weapon/Armour
Monsters GiantBat, Ironback, Skull, Cave Bat, Armadilo, BlackLiz, Staleman, Red Bone, Egg
Special Notes Do yourself a favour and don't equip either the BloodSpr or the BloodSwd. Normally, these swords drain your enemy's HP and give it to you, but when used against undead monsters, it will drain your HP and transfer it to your enemy. Most of the enemies here are undead, so just save yourself the headache.

Make your way to the bottom of the room, but head right rather than through the door at your left. Go up the bridge, right, and down for a Vampire. (Like the BloodSpr and BloodSwd, though, don't use it till you're safely out of this cave.) Go down into the water, then north through a secret passage at the left (above the falls) for a Shuriken. There's a secret passage in the right hand wall leading to a Remedy. Return to the bottom of the room and take the door to the left.

Speak to the guard. The door to the left is the Inn and Item Shop. Farther left there is another door, leading to the Weapon/Armour shop. The door farthest to the left is the Infirmary. There's a Potion in the pot at the far left in the Infirmary. Once you've rested up and stocked up, take the north door right of the Infirmary to continue.

Pass to Babil
To the right, you'll find an Ether1. Go north to find a Tent in the next treasure chest. Speak to the fallen soldier. There is a secret path next to him--in the niche in the wall--which leads to a HiPotion. Return to the fallen soldier and enter the door at the north. Head up and to the right to find a Kamikaze. Go straight down and search the wall at the right for a secret passage leading to a Shuriken. Continue down.

There are three chests containing two HiPotions and a Cabin. Above the chest containing the Cabin, check the wall for a secret passage leading to two Elixirs. Return to where the Cabin was and go down. There's a SilkWeb to the left. Check the trio of chests to the right for an HrGlass2 and two Lifes. Go up. North and to the left is a Soft. The door to the right leads to a Save Point, which you're probably feeling the need for by now. There's a secret passage at the right leading to a treasure chest, where you can fight two Stalemen for the BloodSwd.

Continue up. Find Eblan's prince, facing off with a powerful enemy. After a number of events, use a secret passage at the left to grab an Ether2. Edge is at a very low level. It will be to your advantage to try and get him up to level 35 or so before you leave the cave.

Part XXIII: Tower of Babil (Overworld)

Items Unihorn, Succubus, Ogre axe, Ashura, 82,000 Gil, HiPotion (x2), HrGlass2
Key Items Necklace
Shops None
Monsters Balloon, BlackCat, BladeMan, Grudger, Lamia, Mad Ogre, Sorcerer, Egg, Iron Man
Special Notes Many creatures here are weak against Holy. BlackCats can KO your party with Blaster. Balloons, just like Bombs, will Detonate when their HP gets low, so be careful.

Edge should be at least level 35 before you enter the tower, or he'll hinder your party rather than helping. Go straight up the path in front of you. Edge will get you into the tower. To the left and north of the entry, you'll find a Unihorn. Go all the way left, down, and right. Go past the door up for a treasure chest containing an HrGlass2. Then you can return and go through the door.

Go up the right side of the room and down the path to the treasure chest in the center. Fight four Mad Ogres for the Ogre axe. Continue left and down to the next door.

B3F and B4F
Go past the door for a treasure chest containing a Succubus. Go through the door. On B4F, go right, up, and around to the next door, stopping to grab the Ashura in the treasure chest. You'll be back on B3F. Go right, past the path to the center (there's nothing there) and enter the first door to save. Take the door to the right of the save room, and the next door to the left.

Go all the way left and up for 82,000 Gil, (I could do with finding that kinda money lying around...) and then go to the center for a boss fight. The first part of it is a story-driven battle, and you won't really be able to do much. It involves a rather touching scene. After that battle, though, you must face the strongest of Golbez's Four Fiends of the Elements.

Boss: Rubicant
HP 34,000
Weakness Ice
EXP 18,000
Gil 7,000

Despite being a demon, Rubicant has his own brand of chivalry. He'll heal your party before the battle begins, so that you're at full strength to face him. Once the battle begins, he'll use the Scorch attack to knock party members down to near-death status. Rosa will have to spend this whole battle healing her comrades and raising the dead, so she's not available to attack. Equip the IceSpear and IceBland on Kain and Cecil, and then have Kain Jump every turn while Cecil slashes away at Rubicant. Edge's Flood spell can harm Rubicant, but only if his cloak is open. Ditto for Rydia's Ice3 spell and Shiva summon. Use those spells, because they cause a lot of damage, but use them cautiously. If Rubicant's cloak is closed, the spells will heal him, so just have Edge and Rydia Parry until the cloak re-opens.

Afterward, enter the Crystal Room and walk into the trap. After the event, grab the HiPotion in the chest north of the party's position. On 6F, grab the HiPotion to the right and continue downward.

When you get the Falcon, fly her to the Dwarven Castle and speak to King Giott. He'll give you the Necklace, which will unlock the Sealed Cave. Go to B1F and stop by the infirmary to see Cid. He'll modify the airship, and you can now go anywhere in the underworld. There's lots to explore, so let's get started!

Part XXIV: Tomra and Kokkol's Smithy

Items ThorRage, Bomb, Notus, 2000 Gil, Ether2, Bestiary, Remedy, HiPotion, SomaDrop
Key Items None
Shops Weapons
Monsters (outside) Armadilo, BlackLiz, Centpede, Dark Imp, GlomWing, Gorgon, RockMoth, RocLarva, Tortoise, TrapRose
Special Notes The BlackLiz and Gorgon monsters use Petrify attacks. You may win Medusa arrows or the Gorgon sword from Gorgons.

Tomra is a little town southwest of Giott's realm. Fly south from the Dwarven Castle, then when you reach the lower boundary of the Underworld, head west until you see it.

Upon entering, you'll find an Item Shop to the right. Pick up as many Remedies as you can afford, but you might want to come here after hitting the weapon and armour shops. A secret passage connects the two, and they have many nifty toys to sell. Each clerk at the Item shop has different inventories, too, so it's worthwhile to talk to both of them.

In the top left building, you'll find all of the town's treasures--ThorRage, Bomb, Notus, 2000 Gil, Ether2, and Bestiary--which the dwarves are more than willing to let you take. Check the bottom pot on the left as well as the pot above and to the left of the two chests on the right to get all the goodies.

When you're done in Tomra, hop on the Falcon and zip off to the southeast corner of the underworld. Check the pots on 1F for a Remedy and HiPotion. Speak to the assistants, and then go upstairs and talk to Kokkol. Search his bookcase for a SomaDrop. I usually give this to Rydia, to help boost her MP for summoning. You can also give it to Rosa.

At this point, everyone but Edge should be above level 45; Edge should certainly be above level 35. If you're going to take on the two optional dungeons down here, Rosa MUST know the Float spell.

Part XXV: Sylvan Cave

Items Bestiary (x2), Angel arrows x10, Cabin, 1000 Gil, MageMash sword, Elixir, CatClaw, HellClaw, Kamikaze, Remedy, 2000 Gil, 3000 Gil, Exit, MaidKiss (x3), Ether1 (x2), Inferno, Blizzard, LitStorm, Medusa arrows x10, Avenger, FullMoon, HiPotion (x2), FairyRod, ElvenBow, Bolt arrows x10, Ice arrows x10, Fire arrows x10
Key Items None
Shops Weapons, Armour
Monsters DarkTree, Ghost, Malboro, TinyToad, ToadLady, Centpede
Special Notes Beware the Malboro's Breath attack! It will slap your party members with every bad status know to man or monster. Use Remedy to cure it; don't waste Rosa's MP on Esuna. Also, the TinyToad and ToadLady cast Toad a lot. Sometimes they'll reverse their own spells, so be patient.

This quest is totally optional, but as you can see from the item list, it's well worth the time. There are a few other rewards, too. Make SURE Rosa knows Float before attempting this! Otherwise, your party's toast.

Save outside the cave, which is in the far northwest corner of the Underworld. As soon as you enter, have Rosa cast Float on the party. You'll need to repeat this procedure every time you move to a new floor, just so you know. Otherwise, the glowy spots on the floor will damage your party, leaving you in terrible shape to face the cave's denizens.

After entering, head right. You'll find three treasure chests, two of which yield a Bestiary and Angel arrows. You can't get to the third one yet. Go down and left, then down again and through the door. Don't forget to re-cast Float! Go down and through the door. The strange glowing field to your right is a Save field. From this field, walk up and to the right to find a secret passage. It leads to that treasure chest you couldn't reach before, which yields up a tasty ElvenBow. Head back toward the Save Point and go as far left as you can, then up. You'll find two treasure chests which give you 1000 Gil and a Cabin.

From those two chests, take the door immediately below you. There's an empty treasure chest where the door opens O_o;; Head left and up until you see another door. Pop in there to grab five treasure chests, containing an Ether1, HiPotion, Bolt arrows, Ice arrows, and Fire arrows. Head back to the previous room and continue upward. Don't go through the door at the top just yet; instead, search to the right of it for a secret passage that leads around the enclosed area and eventually lets you in to fight a ToadLady and some Tiny toads, after which you'll get a MageMash from the treasure chest. This is a wickedly useful weapon for Edge.

Go on back and through the door you bypassed recently. To the left is a treasure chest containing an Elixir. From there, head down and to the right. The large house is what you've actually come to see. You can find the CatClaw and HellClaw in the chests to the right. Then nose your way to the left to see an old friend.

If you take the staircase, do NOT step on the platform to the north unless you want to be teleported out of the cave. Yeah, that's nifty and all--but I promise you, there are many more nifty toys to be found in this cave, and you wouldn't want to leave too soon, now would you?

Leave the house and head back to the dooor by which you entered this part of the cave. You'll be in that narrow vertical corridor with three doors again. Head down to the bottom one. You'll find yourself back in the room with the Save Point, which will probably be really welcome by now. Pause to save and heal, then take the door to the immediate left of the save point.

Go up, then left, then up to reach the north door. Go left and up again for a trio of treasure chests. The two you can reach contain a HiPotion and a MaidKiss. Below the bottom chest you can find a secret passage to the left that leads to the FairyRod. It is your choice whether or not to equip it to Rydia, but the Chain has a much higher hit rate.

Go back to the door where you entered this room and search to the left for a secret passage. It will lead to a row of five empty treasure chests. Take the door at the north. Go right and down to find four chests containing a Remedy, 2000 Gil, Kamikaze, and 3000 Gil. Continue downward to find five more chests. Grab the two on the right FROM the right, avoiding the black square until you have collected all five chests. The chests contain a Bestiary, Exit, Ether1, and MaidKiss (x2). Step on the black square and you will be teleported to a new floor. Head straight up.

At the top of this narrow passage there is a secret passage to your right. It leads into a small space between two rows of empty treasure chests. Step on the switch to be transported to a room with six treasure chests. In the lower-left one, fight two Malboros and two DarkTrees for the FullMoon. In the upper-left one, fight six Ghosts for an Inferno. In the top center chest, fight another six Ghosts for a Blizzard. In the bottom center chest, fight four Malboros for the Avenger. If you can keep Rydia unaffected, Titan is definitely your best friend in this fight.

The lower right-hand chest leads to a fight with 2 Centpedes--a nice break from the Malboros--for ten Medusa Arrows. The upper right-hand chest makes you fight six Ghosts for a LitStorm. Make sure you keep this item--it'll help you pick up a nice summon spell later. After all that is done, step on the switch to the right to be teleported out of the cave. Use a Cabin and save your game. The best rewards from this sidequest are yet to come, so be patient.

Part XXVI: Land of Summoned Monsters

Items Life (x3), Ether1, HiPotion (x3), Cabin, Bestiary (x3), Kikuichi, VenomAxe, Defense sword, Ether1, 5000 Gil, 6000 Gil, Yoichi bow, Yoichi arrows x10, Elixir, Ether2
Key Items Rat Tail
Shops Weapons, Armour, Items
Monsters Arachne, Clapper, Conjurer, Fiend, Hooligan, Red Eye, Warrior
Special Notes Like the Sylvan Cave, the floor damages your party unless you are floating. This comes in extra-handy when fighting Arachne monsters, as they cast Earth attacks to which your party is now immune! Conjurer enemies will just keep calling monsters until you kill them, so you can gain horrific amounts of experience by simply killing off each new called monster until you get bored.

Fly southeast of the Sylvan Cave to find a tiny island sporting only a cave. This is the Land of Summoned Monsters. Like the Sylvan Cave, this quest is totally optional, but the rewards are simply outstanding. Like in the Sylvan Cave, you must use Float to protect your party from damaging floors--but here, unlike the Sylph Cave, you can usually see secret passages. This is quite helpful. Incidentally, your party should be at levels in the high 40's.

Upon entering, go to the left and up for a treasure chest containing a Life. Then take the secret passage to the left of that treasure chest to find an Ether1. Go back to where you found the Life and walk straight down to find a HiPotion. Then head all the way left and up and left some more to find the door to the next level.

Go right and down for a treasure chest containing another HiPotion. Go up and to the left for another treasure chest, which contains a Cabin. Go right for the door to the next level. Travel right and down, pausing to grab the Life in the chest, and bypass the grey switch to get a treasure chest containing a Bestiary. Get in the secret passage to the right and follow it down and left to get to three treasure chests, which yield a HiPotion, VenomAxe, and Kikuichi.

Hop back in the secret passage and go down and to the right, then straight up (past where you entered.) You'll find a lone treasure chest, where you must fight five Warriors to acquire the amazing Defense sword. Now go back and step on that grey switch to be teleported into the Land of Summoned Monsters.

Up and to the left of the teleporter, check the treasure chest for an Ether1. Continue up for a Bestiary. Head right, step on the teleporter, and teleport right back, then go down and grab the Rat Tail, which will turn out to be tremendously useful later on. Repeat the teleport-and-back-again thing, and this time head up and to the right from the teleporter by the Rat Tail. It leads to 5000 Gil. Continue downward for 6000 Gil. North of that chest, step into the shadowy part of the floor to be teleported down to a treasure level, where you can find a Yoichi Bow, Elixir, Ether2, and Yoichi arrows x10. Return via the grey teleporter pad. The next teleporter is the one that got you down here from the cave, so go up and right to the one by the Rat Tail again. This time when you teleport down, go up and to the left to find the Inn. It's cheaper to use a Cabin, and there's a Save Point in town, so you needn't waste the 1200 Gil. The two Chocobos, however, run item shops with excellent inventories. Continue to the left.

The small square building contains two chests--yielding a Bestiary and a Life--and a Save Point. I STRONGLY recommend you save! There are some difficult challenges immediately ahead of you. Leave the small building and head downward and to the left. Bypass the small building with a Chocobo outside, and continue downward to find the weapons shop. After stocking up (and probably selling back lots of items to make room in your inventory), head to the right to find the armour shop. Don't bother picking up the Sorcerer armour for Cecil--the reduction in defense is not worth the increase in Mag. Def.--but grab some for Rydia and Rosa, and pick up Aegis shields for Cecil and Kain. When you're all done shopping, save, and enter the library.

You can check the various bookshelves to find out interesting things about the summoned monsters. I suggest you do so--it gives you a lot of helpful hints for how to get some of Rydia's other powers, later in the game. (The books downstairs are particularly helpful in this regard.) Then step on the grey switch. You'll be teleported down to a room with four occupants. Speak to them, and accept Asura's challenge.

Boss: Asura
HP 31,005
Weakness None
EXP 20,000
Gil 0

Before this fight begins, make sure Edge has the MageMash equipped, and give Rosa either Mute or Angel arrows, or the Silence staff if you have it. The first thing you should do is cast Wall on Asura, which keeps her from healing herself. Then beat the living daylights out of her. Before I figured out the Wall trick, I once beat her with just Rosa, so it can be done, I promise :) For defeating her, you get her Summon spell, which honestly isn't that useful because it's unpredictable. Now, head back, heal, and SAVE! The next fight is nasty.

Boss: Leviatan
HP 50,001
Weakness Bolt
EXP 28,000
Gil 0

To fight Leviatan, speak to the old man in the royal chamber standing next to Asura. (You have to defeat her first.) DO NOT attempt this battle until Rydia at least knows Bolt3! Also, make sure that neither Cecil nor Kain is wearing Ice armour of any kind, or Leviatan's water attacks will destroy them. If you have any lightning elemental weapons that aren't weak as hell, equip them. Once the battle begins, Leviatan will mostly use Big Wave to damage your party a lot. Have Rosa use Cure3 and Cure4 to keep your party alive, while Cecil and Kain attack. Rydia should cast Bolt3 while Edge pounds him with Blitz. Leviatan is definitely worth the trouble, though--he'll be your most powerful summon for the next little while.

Head back and save. At this point you may use Rosa's Exit spell to return to the upper world, or you can fight your way out. I usually choose to fight my way out. Alternately, there is a hidden teleporter south of the grey teleport pad on the treasure level. Try to get at least two of your party members to level 50.

Part XXVII: The Sealed Cave

Items Bestiary, Ether1 (x3), Kotetsu (x2), HiPotion (x2), Life (x2), Light sword, Fuma, Elixir, StarVeil (x2), Ninja hood, MuteBell, Ether2, X-Potion
Key Items Dark Crystal
Shops None
Monsters HugeNaga, Mantcore, Screamer, TrapDoor, VampLady, Were Bat, Yellow D
Special Notes Every door in this cave will turn into a TrapDoor. Once these enemies have been taken down to 1,000 HP or less, they will turn into a Mantcore or a Yellow D. I suggest attacking once or twice to bring its HP to around 1,000, then using a powerful attack to finish it off, as TrapDoors are worth more Exp. and Gil than Mantcores or Yellow Ds. Also, beware the TrapDoor's Dmension attack, which instantly kills whichever party member the TrapDoor has targeted.

The Sealed Cave is just northwest of Tomra, and southeast of the Land of Summoned Monsters. Enter and use the Necklace to unlock the first door. Since this cave can get kinda long, try to use some of Cecil's healing magic to help spare Rosa's MP.

Go to the right and down. Slide down the rope/pole/whatever. Go down to find a chest containing a Bestiary. To your right, there is a door (your first TrapDoor fight) that leads to a room with two treasure chests, where you'll find a Kotetsu for Edge and an Ether1. Go back out of this room and head to the left, then climb up the next rope you find to reach another TrapDoor.

Here you'll find two treasure chests containing a HiPotion and an Ether1. Both doors along the top of the screen only lead to empty rooms, so if you want to fight the TrapDoors just for experience, go ahead, but you won't get much else out of it. Take the door at the bottom right to move on.

Start by climbing down the rope immediately in front of you and heading right to find a StarVeil. You will find this intensely useful in a future adventure, so make sure you don't throw it out or sell it! Climb back up the rope and head to the right for another chest containing a Life. Continue upward. The first door is just a TrapDoor leading to an empty room. The second door leads to a treasure chest containing the Light sword. This sword isn't nearly as cool as the Defense sword from the Land of Summoned Monsters, so you can just keep it around somewhere handy for Edge to throw.

The third door leads to three treasure chests, containing a Fuma, Elixir, and another StarVeil. Return to the main room, where the fourth door leads to an empty room and the fifth door, thankfully, leads to a Save Point. The final door along the top of the room leads to two treasure chests, one containing a Kotetsu and the other containing the Ninja hood. From here, head down to the next door. Go up and grab the Ether1 from the chest, then head through the door to the lower left.

This room contains two treasure chests, with a HiPotion and a Life just sitting there like they were waiting for you. The door to the left leads to an empty room. There's another door hidden at the bottom of the room, where there's a slight irregularity in the wall.

Down the bridge next to you and then all the way to the right you'll find a treasure chest containing a MuteBell. The door just leads to another empty room. Head back to the left and slide down the rope. The right hand door leads to two treasure chests, which yield an Ether2 and an X-Potion. Now go over to the left hand door, which leads to another Save Point. Take the south exit from the Save Point room and circle the perimeter of this new room to get to the next door. Then go up across the bridge to reach the Crystal Room. You get the Dark Crystal just fine, but once you leave....

Boss: EvilWall
HP 28,000
Weakness None
EXP 23,000
Gil 8,000

Simply put, time is of the utmost essence here. Have Rosa cast Slow on it, and have Cecil and Kain attack. Don't use Kain's Jump--it is far too slow. Rydia should summon Leviatan while Edge throws any weapons you don't care about. Once EvilWall gets close to your characters, he'll start using Crush, which kills a character. Use Life1 to wake them up and just keep beating on him. You will eventually defeat him. Head back to the Save Point and save, then make your way out of the cave. Just before you reach the entryway, make sure you remove any items Kain has equipped that you'd like to keep or sell. Some scenes will ensue, and you'll report back to King Giott. You may also want to go down and see Fat Chocobo, and give him your lightning-elemental items and other things you don't want to carry. I suggest giving him any weapons you're going to want to save to Throw in the final battle, but don't want to lug around with you. After Cid works his magic with your airship, return to the overworld, where you can start a few new sidequests. To get back to the overworld, fly to the northeast corner of the Underworld and hit X as your airship hovers over the black spot on the floor. To return to the Underworld at any time, go to the crater in the mountains near Agart and press X.

Part XXVIII: The Excalbur Sword

Items None
Key Items Adamant
Shops None
Monsters None
Special Notes You can't finish this sidequest right away, but you can certainly start it! You must have done the Land of Summoned Monsters sidequest to complete this quest. This quest is totally optional.

Remember that Rat Tail you got in the Land of Summoned Monsters? Well, now's your chance to make use of it. Go to Eblan to get your old airship and your HoverCraft, and bring the HoverCraft to Mythril Village. Take it across the shallows to the small cave on the itty-bitty island and talk to the man inside. He collects tails, and will trade you the Adamant ore for the Rat Tail. Take the Adamant Ore down to Kokkol's Smithy in the Underworld and he will start creating. Give him your Legend sword and he'll promise you a new blade. Once the sword is done, you can buy some Yoichi arrows for Rosa as well. You'll be able to get the sword later. Meanwhile, there are a couple other quests to handle.

Part XXIX: Helping An Old Friend

Items Pan, Knife
Key Items None
Shops None
Monsters See Sylvan Cave section above.
Special Notes This is a totally optional sidequest, but it does get you a decent weapon and a new Summon spell. You must have completed the previous Sylvan Cave sidequest to do this quest.

Go see Yang's wife in the West Tower of Fabul Castle and tell her about what you saw in the Sylvan Cave. She'll give you the Pan. Take it back to the Sylvan Cave and bat Yang over the head with it. The Sylphs won't let you take him with you, but they will let Rydia summon them henceforth. Take the Pan back to Yang's wife, and she'll give you the Knife, the best thrown weapon in the game. I recommend saving it for the final battle, but that's just me.

Part XXX: A Trip To The Moon

Items AuApple, MoonVeil, Stardust
Key Items None
Shops Humingway Shop
Monsters Crawler, Grenade, Juclyote, MoonCell, Procyote, Pudding, Red Worm, Slime, Tofu, Balloon
Special Notes Use any Bolt spell on Grenades to cause them to destroy their comrades. DO NOT use Fire spells on Grenades. You must use magic to defeat Puddings. Procyotes and Juclyotes are ultra-poisonous.

Fly to Mysidia and speak to the Elder. He will provide you with your newest bit of handy transportation, the Lunar Whale. Get inside. At the bottom is a Fat Chocobo who will happily swap your inventory around. The odd-looking chair-type things work like Cabins or Inns, fully restoring your party. Examine the crystal in the center of the Lunar Whale to be transported to the Moon. Once there, find the glowing castle and fly south until you see a very small cutout in the solid grey, containing a cave. You can land your airship next to the cave. Inside, you'll see a lot of Namingways who call themselves Humingways. One of them sells some really great items, like Elixirs and Whistles and Ether2s.

Then fly to the big castle. You can't land in front of it because the ground is too rough. So instead, you'll have to land on the grey stone to the west of it and walk down the little staircase. There's a cave to the northwest, which leads into the Lunar Path. From the entrance, go up and to the right to find a treasure chest. You must fight two Juclyotes and two Procyotes for an AuApple. I usually use this on Rydia because her HP is way too low. Head left and up, and check the far right hand side for two chests containing a MoonVeil and a Stardust. Take the door to the north.

You'll find yourself back outside. Head right and down until a rock blocks your way, then go right into the next cave entrance. This puts you back into the Lunar Path, but a different part of it this time. Go down and to the left to find your way out of here. Go left to find the entrance to the Crystal Palace. To the left you will find a tile that restores your HP and removes status effects. To the right is a pot that restores your MP. Then go up to the center of the Palace and speak to FuSoYa. He will tell you some very interesting things, and will join your party.

Head back outside and spend some time leveling your party up to the low or mid 50's. Your next sidequest is quite difficult.

Part XXXI: Cave Bahamut

Items Genji shield, Genji gloves, Genji helmet, Genji armour
Key Items None
Shops None
Monsters Behemoth, D. Bone, Ging Ryu, Kary, RedGiant, Warlock
Special Notes The Behemoths are only encountered in specific places, listed below. This is a totally optional sidequest, but it's very helpful.

To complete this sidequest, you must have completed the Land of Summoned Monsters sidequest and acquired the Leviatan summon. After getting FuSoYa in your party, grab the Lunar Whale and find the place where grey rock forms a ring around a smaller chunk of grey rock (west of the Crystal Palace.) Land at the top of the outer ring and enter Cave Bahamut. Your characters should have levels in the low 50's.

Upon entering, go straight down for the Genji Gauntlets, then head to the upper right corner to find a secret passage leading to the Genji shield. The exit to the next level is in the lower right corner of this room. On B2F, head left and up for the Genji armor, then right for the Genji helmet. When you cross the narrow bridge at the top, you will fight your first Behemoth. The Mist Dragon and Leviatan will be very effective against these creatures, but don't use any spells like Meteo or Holy, which provoke nasty counterattacks. Once you defeat the Behemoths in this cave, they don't come back, which is fortunate. After fighting this Behemoth, you may wish to teleport out of the cave, use a Cabin, and save before continuing. Go up and through the door above you.

On B3F, you must fight two more Behemoths. I strongly recommend exiting the cave, resting, and saving before taking on Bahamut, as he is very tough. Walk up to the figure amid the columns and accept his challenge.

Boss: Bahamut
HP 45,001
Weakness None
EXP 35,000
Gil 0

Bahamut will count down from 5 to 0, and then unleash his MegaFlare attack. If you read the books in the library at the Land of Summoned Monsters, you'll know that the trick to defeating him is to reflect his power. So use Star Veils and Moon Veils, and have Rosa and FuSoYa cast Wall on your party. Have Cecil and Edge attack while Rydia calls Leviatan. If more than one character reflects MegaNuke back at him, he will inflict 9,999 damage on himself, so this battle shouldn't take too terribly long! Defeating him earns you the Bahamut summon. Now warp out of here and get back on your ship.

Part XXXII: Giant of Babil

Items Shuriken, HiPotion, Ether1, Alert, Yoichi arrows x10, SomaDrop, AgApple, Elixir, Excalbur
Key Items None
Shops None
Monsters Beamer, Horseman, LastArm, MacGiant, Machine, Mech D., Searcher
Special Notes When fighting Searcher enemies, have everyone parry until Rydia or FuSoYa can zap it with a dose of Bolt3. This ensures you will destroy it before it calls another monster to aid it. Most enemies in this area are weak against Bolt.

Examine the flight crystal in your Lunar Whale to return to Earth. You will automatically enter the Giant of Babil. Head up and around to step on the grey square. This will transport you down to the neck. Step on the grey panel there to go to the Chest. To the left is a treasure chest containing a Shuriken. Continue down, up, left, then down some more until you find the treasure chest with a HiPotion. Head right for an Ether1, then up for ten Yoichi arrows. Go down and left, past the grey tile, for a treasure chest containing an Alert. Step on the grey tile to be transported to the Stomach.

Go straight up for an AgApple. Go back down, all the way to the right, and up for a SomaDrop. Then take the center path up and to the left to get to the Passage. (Now it may just be me, but the fact that we're progressing downward and we went from Stomach to Passage just sounds real gross to me....) Go down and to the right. Fight the Last Arm in the chest to the north for an Elixir. Continue right, up, then left for a Save Point. Trust me, you want to use a Cabin here and SAVE. Continue upward to end up in the Stairwell, where you'll find some familiar faces.

Boss: Milon, Cagnazzo, Valvalis, Rubicant
HP 28,000 each
Weakness Milon: Fire and Holy; Cagnazzo: Bolt; Valvalis: None; Rubicant: Ice
EXP 62,500
Gil 10,000

These boss fights work just like before, only with more HP this time. Just use the proper elemental attacks and you should have no problem! If your levels are in the 50's, you'll be fine. But beware Valvalis's Storm attack, which knocks all your party down to near death. Head back and save after this fight, as there's another boss fight forthcoming. Then go through the Stairwell to find the core of the Giant.

Boss: CPU, Attacker, Defender
HP CPU: 30,000; Attacker: 3,000; Defender: 3,000
Weakness None
EXP 50,000
Gil 10,333

You must take out Defender first because it heals the CPU. Thereafter, though, focus on the CPU and leave the Attacker alone--if you destroy both smaller orbs, CPU will wipe out two party members in one turn. Have Rosa and FuSoYa keep the party alive while everyone else beats on the CPU.

Some scenes and changes of party composition will occur, and then you'll be back in control. From the moon, take a quick minute to dash back to Earth. There are a couple things that still need doing there, and then you can take on the final dungeon!

Visit Kokkol's Smithy to pick up your Excalbur sword. His assistants are now selling Yoichi arrows, Shuriken, and Fuma. Now you're ready to take on the final summon battle and the final dungeon.

Part XXXIII: The Odin Summon

Items None
Key Items None
Shops None
Monsters None
Special Notes This is a totally optional sidequest. You must have completed the Land of Summons sidequest to complete this one.

I hope you've been storing up your ZeusRage, ThorRage, and LitStorm items. You will need them! Move them all to the top of your inventory to make things quicker. Fly to Castle Baron and enter the east tower. Go down to the basement and speak to the ghost of King Baron. If you've defeated Leviatan, he will challenge you.

Boss: Odin
HP 20,001
Weakness Bolt
EXP 18,000
Gil 0

Odin will attack your party three times, then raise his sword arm. His next attack will spell destruction for your entire party. Speed is of the essence in this battle. Have Rydia cast Bolt3. If you have any LitStorm items, use them first, then ZeusRage, then ThorRage. Edge should cast Blitz if you don't have any of these items, while Rosa uses Bolt arrows and Cecil pounds away with Excalbur.

Part XXXIV: Lunar Subterrane

Items Ninja clothes, Sage staff, Murasame, FireLash, Dragon shield, Dragon helm, Dragon armour, Dragon gauntlet, Artemis arrows x10 (x2), Elixir (x2), Blizzard, X-Potion, Stardust rod, Crystal shield, Protect ring (x2), Crystal armour, Crystal gauntlets, White robe, Crystal helm, Fuma (x4), Cabin, Minerva plate, Inferno, Ribbon (x2), HolyLnce, AuApple, Ragnarok, Masamune, Whistle
Key Items Crystal
Shops None
Monsters Blue D., Breath, D. Fossil, EvilMask, King-Ryu, Mind, PinkPuff, Red D., Tricker, Veteran, RedGiant, Kary, Warlock, D. Bone, Behemoth, Ging-Ryu
Special Notes EvilMask enemies cast Reflect on themselves and you, then reflect powerful magic off themselves. Use Rydia's summon magic against them or reflect powerful spells off your own party. DO NOT cast Bolt spells on Trickers. D. Fossils are weak against Holy (meaning Cecil's sword and the HolyLnce) and Fire. Pound Breath monsters to death with regular physical attacks. Mind monsters aren't worth the trouble because they can Confuse your entire party, so just run away. Don't use magic or summons on RedGiants--unfortunate things will happen, like the deaths of your party members.

Well, this is it! The final dungeon! Take your Lunar Whale to the Moon and enter the Crystal Palace. Your party should have levels in the mid to high fifties. If they don't, get them that way. Heal yourself at the healing tiles, then head into the center of the palace. Walk behind the throne in the center to find the entrance to a Crystal Room on the north wall. Investigate each of the eight Crystals to learn some interesting things. Then step on the tile in the center of the floor.

You will find yourself on a small chunk of land in the center of a ring. On the right side of the ring, just above a small outcropping in the wall, is a secret passage that leads to a treasure chest. Fight two RedGiants for the Ninja clothes. Return to where you entered this level. Go to the left-hand side of that central ring and find a secret passage leading to a grey teleporter. Take the door it leads to. There is a treasure chest above you containing two Warlocks and two Karys, who give you a Sage staff. Continue left and down to take another teleporter.

Go down and left to find a door. Then go up and left. Between the two columns is a monster. This is the first of the "weapon battles" you must face. Cast Float on everyone before beginning this battle.

Boss: White Dragon
HP 32,700
Weakness None
EXP 55,000
Gil 0

Avoid Bolt magic in this battle. Have Rydia summon Bahamut or cast Flare if you have it, while Rosa uses Haste to counter his Slow spell. Edge, Kain, and Cecil should attack normally, while Rosa uses Cure4 to keep you alive. For defeating this monster, you get the Murasame.

At this point I suggest that you teleport out of the Lunar Subterrane. By this point I usually need to heal, and the next Save Point is far, far away. Use the tiles in the Crystal Palace to heal, and then save outside. Return to the Lunar Subterrane. Go to the bottom of the ring and enter the door there. See the treasure chest enclosed in a wall to your right? Go down and right, and find a secret passage leading to that chest to get the FireLash, a new weapon for Rydia.

Go back as far right as you can in the secret passage, then go up to the tiny room. There is another secret passage on the left side of this room. Bypass the door for the moment to grab the Dragon shield from the chest to the far left. Then enter the door. Go as far down as you can (past the next door in the center of the room) and find the secret passage to the right leading to a chest with the Dragon helmet. Find the secret passage to the right of the treasure chest to get to two more chests holding the Dragon armour and Dragon gauntlets. Go back through the secret passages and enter the door in the middle of the room.

Go all the way to the right to find ten Artemis arrows. Go back left a bit and down, then left again and through a door to find an Elixir. Return to the main room and walk all the way to the right to find a bridge down to the next part of the level. Enter the door to your left for two treasure chests containing a Blizzard and an X-Potion. There is a door just to the right of the X-Potion. When you return to B4, there is a chest to your left that contains a Behemoth. For defeating it, you get the Stardust rod. Head right and down to reach B5. If you like, make a quick sidetrip to recover and save. There's still a long long way to go to the next Save Point in this very long dungeon.

On B5, go down and to the left. Go past the door to retrieve a Crystal shield from the chest (after defeating the Red D. and Blue D. guarding it.) Go in the door you just walked past and go to the top of this room. Find a secret passage in the right hand wall leading to the next treasure chest, containing a Protect ring. To the right of the treasure chest is another secret passage. Take the south door to reach a treasure chest, where you must fight a Behemoth for the Crystal armour. Go back into the previous room, and take the north door.

Up and to the right is a treasure chest where you must fight two Red D.'s for the Crystal gauntlets. Head to the left and into the next door. There is a treasure chest to your right containing the White robe. Take the north door. Go all the way left and up for a treasure chest, where you must fight a Warlock and a D.Fossil for the Crystal helmet. Then go back to the right and enter the right-hand door for a treasure chest containing an Inferno. In this room, you have a very, VERY slim chance of winning the PinkTail item from PinkPuff enemies. If you take this back to the Adamant Grotto (where you got the Adamant for your Excalbur sword), the man will give you the extremely bad-ass Adamant armour. However, the chances of actually getting the tail are prohibitively low. At any rate, exit the Inferno room and take the bridge to your immediate left down to B6.

Upon entering B6, you will find a chest to the left containing ten Artemis arrows, and a chest to the right containing a Fuma. Take the left-hand bridge down and pick up the Cabin from the chest. Now, look at the floor to your left. See where a little tongue of floor extends outward to the left? Walk across that and go up and to the left. When you cannot go any farther up, search to your right for a secret passage that leads right and down. There is a treasure chest below you containing an Au Apple. Head all the way to the right for a teleporter switch. Walk up the bridge it takes you to and step on the next teleporter. From there, walk up to the treasure chest and fight a Behemoth for another Protect ring. Continue upward to take the teleporter and you will finally get to a Save Point! Just in time, too. Rest and save, then exit by the south door to face another of the horrendously difficult weapon bosses.

Boss: Wyvern
HP 60,000
Weakness None
EXP 64,000
Gil 0

Wyvern is, for all intents and purposes, a souped-up Bahamut. He's also a bitch to defeat. However, the rewards are well worth it, so here we go. You can use the exact same strategy here that you used against Bahamut. MoonVeils and StarVeils are your friend. So is Cure4 and Life2. Use the Wall spell to reflect his MegaFire attack back at him, and have Rydia summon Bahamut to help dish up the damage. The reward for this difficult battle is the excellent Ragnarok. Equip this to Cecil and watch his attack power and Defense grow like crazy! Ragnarok also increases his Stamina stat, which translates to more HP at level up. Now go back, rest, and save.

By now, at least two of your party should be at or above level 60. Return to where you entered B6 the first time. This time, take the right-hand bridge down. Go around to the right and enter the door below you. It leads to a room with a treasure chest on the left, where you must fight a Warlock and three Karys for the Minerva plate. This can be equipped to either Rosa or Rydia. I recommend giving it to Rydia because Rosa's already got the White robe, and Rydia needs the defense boost. At any rate, take the northwest door to B7.

Go down and to the right, and enter the first door to find a Save Point. Why another one so soon, you ask? Because you're about to face a whole raft of weapon bosses, that's why. Rest and save, and then enter the next door to the right to take on....

Boss: Plague
HP 33,333
Weakness Projectiles
EXP 31,108
Gil 550

This boss plays really dirty. He will begin the battle by casting Doom on your entire party, thereby causing them to get the Condemned status effect. When the counter reaches 0, they're toast. Have Cecil attack and Kain Jump, while Rosa casts Holy and Rydia summons Bahamut. Edge should attack or Throw. If it looks like you're going to run out of time, pound on a weak party member (i.e. Rydia) and have Rosa revive her. Plague will re-cast Doom, resetting everyone's timer. Repeat as necessary. (To make this strategy easier, try stripping Rydia of all armour.) For defeating this nasty boss, you get the HolyLnce, which is well worth it.

Go back, rest, and save again. Make sure Cecil is equipped with Ragnarok and Kain has the HolyLnce equipped. Then go to the right-hand door of the three to fight....

Boss: Lunasaurs
HP 23,000 each
Weakness None
EXP 29,500 each
Gil 0

The Lunasaurs are undead monsters, which means Cecil's holy sword will give them a very painful experience they won't forget. Kain's HolyLnce is also a good idea. Rosa will be kept busy healing, as the Lunasaurs do some rather nasty tricks. However, Cecil's Ragnarok should do a full 9,999 of damage to the Lunasaurs, so this shouldn't be too terribly hard. Bio causes horrific amounts of damage, so I recommend having Rosa just cast Cure4 every single round. After defeating the Lunasaurs, you can grab the two Ribbons from the chests. Rest and save one more time, then you finally get to move on.

Go all the way right and then up the narrow bridge on the right side of the screen. Cross the top of the screen and take the bridge down. You are now in the Lunar Core. Here is where the worst enemies in the game reside, so be prepared. Go all the way to the right and down the bridge, then go all the way to the left for a treasure chest, which contains a Fuma. Go down the bridge below you and right until you find a set of crystal pillars. Go down and to the right to fight the final weapon boss, and one of the nastier ones.

Boss: Ogopogo
HP 50,000
Weakness None
EXP 61,000
Gil 0

If Wyvern was a souped-up Bahamut, Ogopogo is a souped-up Leviatan. Have Rosa constantly use Cure4 to keep your party alive while Rydia summons Bahamut and the men pound with physical attacks. If Rosa can take a break from healing, have her cast Holy. For winning this battle, you get Edge's Masamune.

At this point, I recommend going back and saving! You still have a long way to go. Return to the Lunar Core and go back to the crystal pillars near where you fought Ogopogo. You'll see a door above you. Take it down to the next level. Go down, right, and up to get an Elixir from the treasure chest. Head down and to the left to reach a bridge down. Go right for a treasure chest containing a Whistle, which you can use to summon Fat Chocobo. Continue right to find a teleporter that takes you to the next level.

Go to the left and down, then right and down, and check to the right for a chest containing a Fuma. Go all the way left for a chest containing another Fuma, then go right and down to find the teleporter to the next level. In this level it's very simple to follow the path. At the end of it lies the teleporter to the final boss...

Part XXXV: The Final Battle

Preparations: You should have gotten all the nifty weapons and armour in the Lunar Subterrane. All of them. Especially Ragnarok and the HolyLnce. Rydia should know Flare and preferably Meteo. Oh, and your party members should all be at levels in the high 60's. No, I'm not kidding. Level up on the crystal tiles (the Lunar Core) until you get to those levels. Rearrange Rydia's summon menu so that Bahamut is at the top, and rearrange her Black Magic menu so that Flare and Meteo are at the top. Rearrange Rosa's White Magic menu so that Cure 4, Life 2, and Holy are at the top, with Shell being somewhere easily accessible. Rearrange your Item menu so that all the weapons you can throw--Fumas, Shuriken, any swords or lances you happen to have handy that Edge can sling around, that kind of thing--are right at the top. Then go through the crystal tiles to Zemus.

Boss: Zeromus
HP 115,000
Weakness None
Gil 0

In his initial form, you cannot damage Zeromus. Have Edge steal continuously until you get the DkMatter item, which drastically reduces the effects of Zeromus's most powerful attack. Once you have that item, have Rosa cast Shell on the party, and then have Cecil use the Crystal. Here's where the real fun begins.

The Big Bang attack will take down a significant chunk of each character's HP and your HP will drain slowly away, as in the Virus or Bio spells. Blk Hole will nullify any status effects on your party, such as Shell. Rosa's only role--and I do mean ONLY--should be casting Cure4 on the party every single turn. If her MP needs refreshing, have Kain use an Elixir on her. Cecil should attack every turn with the Ragnarok equipped. Have Rydia summon Bahamut every turn. Edge should throw any weapons you have in your inventory, like the Excalbur sword or the Gugnir lance. If you get desperate, un-equip his Murasame and Masamune and throw those. You won't need them after this battle. Have Kain attack--don't have him Jump, it just wastes time. If you find yourself really screwed and badly in need of resurrecting party members, just stop attacking. Zeromus is mainly about counterattacks, so if you leave him alone he'll give you some time to revive your party.

After beating Zeromus, sit back and enjoy the lovely ending. Congratulations, you've just beaten one of the hardest RPGs out there.

Items and Other Stuff

In the interests of file size, I have not included full item guides in this walkthrough. In the interests of completeness, however, I'll include links to all of the item, magic, and "other" guides I have written for this game. Please note that, except where indicated, all these guides apply only to the "hardtype" version of Final Fantasy IV, and not to the "easytype" version (although I have written guides for that as well, which you can find easily at

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