Final Fantasy XII - Screen Shots
11.10.2004 More Delectable Screens The Magicbox
Very nice CGI Ashe Vaan giving flowers to someone
When fireflies fight back Basch Constipation there, Ashe?
Storming the Black Gate...... Oh, wrong game The ship from the Matrix? A nice looking city
Hello there elderly man Fran Panelo
Is this where it all begins? The person that Vaan visits Dirty hands indeed
Vaan looking a bit down Flowers for them? Vaan appears to be falling
07.02.2004 Scrumptious Screens The Magicbox
The underbelly of an airship Battling a Minotaur or something Multiple gun blows
More multiple gun blows from a different angle A monster on the map Get more dexterity, foo!
Not the poor chocobo! This reminds me of Chrono Cross *ahem* No comment
Fire! Fire! The side of an airship Panelo, a Baanga, and some chocobos
Panelo and Fran Panelo and Balthier standing around Vaan out and about
Uhhh...happy faces? Familiar color... Vaan in front of a domed building
Take that!
05.13.2004 E3 Screens
Making a shield out of flint is generally not a good idea Atop his noble steed I think I can see my house
One odd looking airship A warrior and his chocobo Rallying the troops
Some sort of ceremony "Excuse me, could you point me to the nearest bathroom?" A military parade
In the heat of battle Vaan out and about Vaan, Fran, and Ashe standing around
Just standing around I'm guessing whatever he's saying isn't positive Getting in someone's face
I've got to get the number of Vaan's hair stylist "I can't believe you drank the last beer!" Lying on the ground
Scary looking guards "You're too young to be drinking anyway." The lovely Fran
That's um, some outfit "The lawyer said he could probably get you off on a technicality." Looks as if a fight is about to go down
Holding a bag of something Nice face shot of Balfrea Vaan and Pannero having a discussion
Vaan acting indifferent Pannero's pretty face Arguing
Still talking Gabbing away the afternoon Pannero and a beautiful building
04.30.2004 Pannero!
Skyscrapers aplenty "My eyes are disproportionate?" "I don't have time to argue about my eyes!"
Too close for comfort Everyone enjoys storming off More and more verbal abuse
Alot of exclamation That's crazytalk
02.04.2004 Additional Screens Kikizo
Nice helmet A dinosaur here? What are you looking at?
Confused Group meeting New guy?
Who ever built this has been dead for a long time Run on the trees Don't bribe me
Arena What's the rush?
12.30.2003 Latest and Greatest
A wedding occurrence "Wait, I can get out of this!" Vaan, looking pretty
Lens flare action! A gladiator arena? Balflear, such a gentleman
Such intriguing conversation Slamming of the fists Balflear and Vaan, side by side
Some sort of interface Taunting the nemesis Two surprised looks
... As more enemies arrive Fran joins the guys More wonderful dialogue
Train station architecture "Come on, you're skinny enough!" A view of the party
Motion blurred battle Running past the statue The map returns
An archer's prowess Could be a summon? Yeah, probably a summon
The butt shot Enemies collaborating Who's the lucky guy?
View of an army The main city Vaan on the ground
Balflear relaxing in his easy chair Another bori-*ahem* shot Extreme close-up!!
Spending the hard-earned Gil The battalion of airships
12.16.2003 Latest screens, MB
I demand satisfaction! Not even royalty is safe from Japanese censorship laws Rallying the fleet
Love hurts: so do Couerls Another aging actress worried about HDTV's effects on makeup? Oh wait... Yep... That's a desert, all right
"The Foot Patrol will destroy you! YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE DEFIED KRANG!"
11.19.2003 First official screens.
Airships, vrrm vrrm. Chocobo cavalry vs. Soldier with buttplates. More "vrrm vrrm" airship action.
Walking around. Almost-naked woman is getting roasted. Forest goodness with a nice HUD.
Charging chocobo knights. A "rear" shot.
11.13.2003 First Looks Quiter
From behind view of a party Battle on the beach Wandering a forest
Riding a domesticated chocobo Overlooking a city
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