by Adriaan den Ouden & Michael Cunningham
Warrior of Light
Name: Warrior of Light
Hometown: Unknown
Origin: Final Fantasy
Weapon: Swords, Greatswords, Axes
Specialty: Well-Rounded
Fun Fact: Is often seen taunting a bottled fairy with a rat's tail.

Known only as the Warrior of Light, this legendary hero once saved the world with the help of three of his friends. Though his origins are unknown, he is first seen outside of the kingdom of Corneria. From there this group of Light Warriors ventures forth to rescue Princess Sara from the evil knight Garland. The Warrior of Light was essential in restoring light to the four crystals and saving the world from the four elemental fiends.

The Warrior of Light is a well-balanced swordsman with a terrific variety of attacks for all circumstances. Many of his attacks make use of his shield as well, using it to draw foes in or strike them back. While most of his attacks are close or mid-range sword and shield strikes, he also has a few long-range magical attacks to round out his arsenal.

One of the Warrior's greatest strengths is his above-average defense. Able to make use of the strongest armor available, he can take a hit better than most of his allies can. He's not as agile as many of his compatriots, but he's not slow either.

Warrior of Light's EX-Mode capabilities enhance his defense even further. Not only does he gain the effects of Protect, but he can also reflect magical attacks anytime he's on the offensive.. To top it off, a sword of light appears whenever he lands a combo, dealing additional damage.

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