by Adriaan den Ouden
Name: Tidus
Hometown: Zanarkand
Origin: Final Fantasy X
Weapon: Swords, Grappling Weapons
Specialty: Dodges and Counters
Fun Fact: Once earned 7,500 gil participating in a sleep study.

Tidus was a famous pro Blitzball player in his hometown of Zanarkand. Adored by the fans and enjoying the game, Tidus seemed to be on top of the world. However, all that changed when he was swallowed up by the vicious monster Sin and whisked away to Spira, a strange land where Zanarkand was little more than some shattered ruins. Accompanying a summoner on her journey to put an end to Sin, Tidus found himself on the trail of his father, Jecht, who seemed to have shared a similar fate years before.

If there's one thing that can be said about Tidus, it's that he's quick. Easily one of the fastest of Cosmos's ten warriors, Tidus can dart around the battle field, quickly dodging enemy assaults and striking with his own. Some of his attacks don't even require him to dodge first; they do that for him, striking simultaneously for quick, punishing blows.

When he's not counter-attacking, Tidus can put up a good fight with a wide variety of mid-range attacks, zipping in to strike and dashing away just as quickly. He can even hurl a blitzball from a distance which will home in on his opponent. His Wither Shot lets him chase his opponent down after striking, closing the distance nearly instantly for a quick follow-up, while his Sphere Shot strikes so hard it can knock an opponent into the wall, especially if done at close range.

Like Cloud, Tidus equips his ultimate weapon, Caladbolg, while in EX-Mode. The Caladbolg not only increases his attack, but it also makes him harder to hit while dodging and attacking. He also gains the ability to run faster, even deflecting weak magic without any effort. His EX-Burst, Blitz Ace, is just icing on the cake.

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