by Adriaan den Ouden & Michael Cunningham
Name: Terra
Hometown: The Esper World
Origin: Final Fantasy VI
Weapon: Daggers, rods, staves
Specialty: Magic
Fun Fact: Can go from clothed to naked and back in less than a second.

Terra is a tragic case. First seen as a mind-controlled weapon for the Empire, she is quickly freed from her captors but has no memory of her past life. It turns out that Terra is the offspring of a human and Esper and has been a subject of magical experiments ever since she was a child. After finally escaping, this magical warrior learns the meaning of friendship and love.

Terra is the only one of Cosmos's warriors whose focus is on magical attacks. With a huge assortment of spells at her disposal, she excels at striking from a distance. Many of her spells include a chase effect, allowing her to rapidly close in for a follow-up attack.

In order to keep her distance, Terra learns the support ability "Reverse Free Air Dash" almost immediately, allowing her to rapidly retreat from close quarters combat. Coupled with her chase abilities, Terra can dash in and out of the fray as needed until victory is achieved.

Terra gains her Esper form while in EX-Mode, which comes with several useful abilities, the most interesting of which allows her to fly freely through the air. She can also immediately follow-up any spell with a copy of it as long as she remains in that form. Her EX-Burst launches a barrage of magical blades to skewer her foe.

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