by Adriaan den Ouden & Michael Cunningham
Name: Squall
Hometown: Kramer Orphanage
Origin: Final Fantasy VIII
Weapon: Swords, Thrown Weapons
Specialty: Ground Combat
Fun Fact: Holds the Guinness record for not caring.

Squall, or Leon if you prefer his Kingdom Hearts persona, is everyone's favorite orphan. Love him or hate him, you can't deny his skill with a gunblade. Try as he might to distance himself from others, he can't help but draw people to him, be it sorceresses or gun-slinging ladies men. Squall quests to figure out who he is rather than to save the world; he just happens to do that in the process.

Squall is strongest when his feet are planted firmly on solid ground. The majority of skills he learns are ground-based, although he has a few decent air assaults for when the need arises. He is also capable of casting a few simple magical spells.

His two main HP attacks, Fated Circle and Aerial Circle, are surprisingly powerful. Creating a ring of explosions all around him, a well-timed attack can even strike enemies behind him. To make them more devastating, they also serve as a magical shield, repelling enemy spells, and can even draw foes inwards to get caught in the blast.

While in EX-Mode, Squall's Gunblade gains significantly more power. Its range is increased, and the blows it strikes are more powerful. His Renzokuken EX-Burst works much the same as his Gunblade did in Final Fantasy VIII. By timing the trigger correctly, each slash is accompanied by a powerful gunshot.

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