by Adriaan den Ouden & Michael Cunningham
Name: Shantotto
Hometown: Windurst
Origin: Final Fantasy XI
Weapon: Rods, Staves
Specialty: Chainspell
Fun Fact: Replaced Prishe in this game once people remembered they hated the Chains of Promathia expansion.

Shantotto, also known as Professor Shantotto, is one of Windurst's top Black Mages. She fought in the Great Crystal War and afterward became Minister of Magic in Windurst where she ran the Orastery. Though she has since resigned, she is still a never-ending source of trouble, and rumors have surfaced of her seeking to create her own empire.

Shantotto is currently neutral in the conflict between Chaos and Cosmos, but she has more misplaced arrogance than anyone on either side. Shantotto is a mage who specializes in chaining HP attacks together. More intriguingly, her spells become stronger as her bravery increases. She doesn't learn many bravery attacks, and the ones she knows are fairly weak.

Despite her incredible overconfidence, Shantotto is actually one of the easiest characters to defeat. Although her small stature would suggest a compensating nimbleness, she is extremely slow and unwieldy. Her spells take a while to cast and leave her frozen in place for a short time immediately after casting, a vulnerability that is easy to exploit.

Shantotto's EX Mode provides her the unique ability of not losing her current bravery after landing an HP attack, which makes her one of the only characters where performing an EX Burst is less useful than letting the EX Mode continue. When she does perform her Play Rough EX Burst, she launches a series of spells at an opponent, with the proper elemental order dealing the most damage.

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