by Adriaan den Ouden & Michael Cunningham
Name: Firion
Hometown: Salamand
Origin: Final Fantasy II
Weapon: Everything and Anything
Specialty: Weapon Master
Fun Fact: Can take words out of your mouth and use them against you later.

Firion's hometown was attacked and set aflame by the evil Empire, but that didn't get him down. He merely became a rebel and wandered around the world with the beaver-speaking neanderthal Guy and the token female Maria. Firion is a fierce warrior who survived many calamities throughout his adventures as well as many hours of being forced to stab himself in the face in order to become stronger.

While Firion's strongest attacks are limited to the ground, one shouldn't discount his aerial abilities, as they are, in many ways, much more lethal. Firion is a master of weapons, and while he can equip nearly any weapon in the game, he always has eight with him. On the ground, he makes use of traditional melee weapons such as swords, axes, and spears to strike his opponents with vicious combos. While in the air, he has access to some basic, long-range magical attacks.

What makes Firion so deadly, however, is his basic HP attack, which sees him fire his bow at a target. This attack is fast, accurate, and can be performed both on the ground and in midair. He can win many battles, in fact, simply by keeping his distance and whittling his opponent down with a barrage of arrows.

When he enters EX-Mode, his ability to whittle away at an enemy's HP is made all the more potent. His attacks start draining his foe's HP and adding it to his own, and his EX-Burst, Fervid Blazer, unleashes the power of all his weapons simultaneously. Again, all the damage he deals with his EX-Burst is added to his HP.

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