by Adriaan den Ouden
Name: Cloud
Hometown: Nibelheim
Origin: Final Fantasy VII
Weapon: Swords, Greatswords
Specialty: Wall Rush
Fun Fact: Annually spends 50,000 gil on hair gel.

There are many people out there who probably know Cloud's past better than he does. A bout of amnesia brought on by a traumatic series of events left him believing himself to be an ex-member of SOLDIER, the Shinra Electric Company's elite personal military unit. He joined the environmental organization AVALANCHE as a mercenary, and quickly became entangled in a plot to destroy the world by another former SOLDIER, Sephiroth.

With his massive Buster Sword, Cloud can be an intimidating opponent to fight. His attacks are powerful and can easily send his foes careening into a wall, temporarily stunning them and dealing tremendous damage. He can also use Fire magic to assault opponents from a distance.

Cloud likes to get up close and personal with his opponents, but when kept at a distance, he's definitely at a disadvantage. However, once he lays into an opponent, he's difficult to stop.

Once Cloud enters EX-Mode, his Omnislash EX-Burst is the least of his opponent's worries. Cloud equips his Ultima Weapon, which has two devastating effects. First, it increases his attack based on how much HP he has, and second, it crushes any attempts at blocking, making dodging and running the only possible escape.

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