by Adriaan den Ouden & Michael Cunningham
Name: Bartz
Hometown: Lix
Origin: Final Fantasy V
Weapon: Anything and Everything
Specialty: Mimic
Fun Fact: Started a school for lumberjacks after saving the world.

Bartz (or Butz as he's known in Japan) is the original ladies' man, though not in the usual way. He falls for any woman he meets. As he and his trusty chocobo, Boco, explored the world in search of adventure, he came upon a meteor from another world. This encounter sparked a journey across multiple worlds in an effort to save the crystals from an evil tree called Exdeath.

Where Firion is a master of weapons, Bartz is a master of other people's weapons. Rather than evolving his own style of combat, Bartz's strength lies in his mimicry of his heroic companions. Instead of learning his own abilities, he learns an assortment of attacks that his companions learn. Not only that, but when performing these attacks, he draws upon those characters' trademark weapons as well. Climbarrel will bring out Squall's Gunblade, while Soul Eater makes use of Cecil's Dark Sword.

However, Bartz isn't content with just mimicking his friends move for move. He adds his own flourishes to each ability he borrows, giving them useful additional effects. One move might make him jump a bit higher for a while, while another might give him a temporary increase in speed.

In EX-Mode, Bartz gains access to a new, highly useful skill: the Goblin Punch. Striking at the opponent's bravery before dealing damage to his HP, Goblin Punch is a double whammy attack that can be linked directly into his EX-Burst, Master Mime. This final attack makes use of all his allies' abilities in a massive string of blows.

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