Fable - Screen Shots
06.15.2004 More Fable Screens Source: Gamesarefun
Beautiful Scenery Psycho much? Ninja Charge!
Fatality Vantage 1 Fatality Vantage 2 More Death
Look, Death! 1 Look, Death! 2 Look, Death! 3
A Change of Pace Lightning of Doom Thank you, and you
Just ONE? How Spooky Zombie-rrific.
Moonlit battles Kneebiters
09.25.2003 Offical screens, whee!
Carried over from the Project Ego days. I don't like the look in your eyes. Combat!
Someone's been hiding from the sun. Ahh, monster stripper dance show! Some people like girls with big hands.
A wood fairy/sprite...!? Well-done architecture. Put some pants on, monster.
The brute has some nice shadowing! A band of (hairy) rogues. A house's interior.
Those other rooms are a bit dark... Just your house's steps. Side-entrance.
The moon, 10000x magnification. One so pale should have a shirt on. Blue shinies.
No, young one! It's a trap! What's with the abundance of chest hair? Your wife... and kids!? You lucky dog!
Swirlyboom! That is the best moon. Ever. Wearing your father's gloves again, eh?
05.17.2003 E3 Screens
Man of destiny By the water front Hi-ya!
Hunched in the grass On a nice fall day Everybody wants a piece of you
Out for a stroll Small little hamlet Covered bridge
Time for a "Rocky" moment Lots of samurai-type chracters Boy of destiny
I like turtlenecks Just me and my moon Sun and water
Don't hurt the spirit! Don't hurt me! A cutscene
06.03.2002 E3 Screeshots
Attack from above A forest creature Leaving the ruins
A peaceful meadow A beautiful building at dawn Statues of warriors long forgotten
Trees next to the meadow Monster lurking in the dark
10.20.2001 First Screens
I'm evil. Just look at my eyes. What the spider on the ceiling sees About to sneeze
Over the covered bridge Among the defenses Good thing it's sunny
Cool armor What's going on? An old building in the wilderness
In town This is why they say don't photograph the sun Deep, dark forest
What the worm in the dirt sees Lost in the high grass Outside the Supplies store
About to sneeze, again Can't believe the eyes Mr. Tattoo
Evil man in town I forgot what I came down here for...  
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