EverQuest Online Adventures
01.11.2003 Offical Website Screens
Beautiful environments There you go, little buddy! Is this a town, or a rave?
After the party Don't get lost Really, who lives in an igloo?
The swimmin' hole Rising sun The gang's all here
Someone is casting some magic Would *you* get this close to a dragon? See, it's just not smart
Anybody got a fly swatter? Rumble in the desert Battle rage
Fixing what broke during battle Strange companion What do they feed these things?
Throwing a bit of magic Chill out! "We come to battle in the coliseum!"
Frigid lizard Bringing down the beast This one just won't die
A little long range action "Bloooooood...want...blooooood..." Birds gone wild
Not the undead again! Since when do zombies bleed? It's gotta be the puppy chow!
Doesn't look very inviting, does it? Very home-like A dwarf, lagging behind
I bet every kid wanted one of these growing up
10.13.2002 First Screens
Outside with the gang Freeport at night More night
Bivouac A bit more sunny Beating on a dragon
Red legs, yellow sky A great moment for Orc-Human unity Say, uh, Gregor: is that a wolf?
Tarzan's pad?
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