EverQuest II - Screen Shots
10.27.2004 Welcome to Norrath Source: GameWatch
Zap! Knight Mage
Cleric Rogue City of Qeynos
Qeynos 2 Qeynos 3 Pretty, Pretty
At the altar Outside of Qeynos Firiona Vie
City of Freeport Awww a puppy.. Creepy moon
What in the.. Undercover Leezard Freeport 2
Lucan D`Leer Bixie!! Dragonfly Faerie
Giant Spider Nagafen Nightblood
Shadow Men Lizardmen How cute..
Oh Boy.. more boats in EQ.. Kelethin You killed my father, Prepare to die!
Nice set of crystals I have an ointment for that Swallow your soul, Swallow your soul!
Zub Zub! So lonely..
09.24.2004 More Pics For Your Viewing Pleasure
Buy my junk No, I won't rescue your kitten Sitting on concrete
Well-endowed Dusk or dawn? Beastie fighting beastie
Talk about fancy! Like an ape, like this! My sword's on fire!
One word: nice Growly pet Inquisitive elf
My money's on the bear Dark elf An odd pose
Another dark elf Growly is back In a town
Skeleton in a stream Burly merchant Burly dwarf
Nice lighting effects Cool reflections Told you, the bear won
Girl in front of her treehouse Uh oh... Hot desert
Pigtails Cows A guy and his mountains
Beastman priest More beasties Scary meteor thing
Standing around... Beware my yellow tunic Elephants
Skeletons looking worried Some guy Some girl
Cool environment shot Lighthouse No one manning the lighthouse, apparently
Veiny arms Odd fashion sense Another character design
I'm old! Where's my apple sauce?! Big sword Bigger sword
Lizard man fighting skeleton A bridge A brawl
Yeah well, up yours buddy He doesn't stand a chance Cool dress
Temple Looks like a bad guy Yay, an orb!
My gloves are huge! A fight scene Yes, I do have a large shaft
04.20.2004 Additional Gameplay
Attitude on the bridge Begging of a High Elf The surrounding Nektulos forest
Visiting the isle of Refuge Endowed in Priestess garbs Eyeing the situation
A sword bearing a strange glow Battling a couple Halflings Line-up at the local precinct
Mr. Blocky-hands Battle in the streets Falling large villians
Dueling players Down by tha beach An Iksar warrior
Umm, gross? Dark Elf posture in effect A Monk in a ghosttown
The required tree town Short but deadly A pretty angle
Followed by another In other parts, the battle rages on Idle conversation
A Dwarf donned in a full battlesuit He's too tall for this tent Showing the many sizes
Precise shadow's cover a bump mapped ground Odd lookin' fellar With the sun down
Antonica The great wall
09.12.2003 New Additions
Indigo Elven style Fashion over function Taking down pesky pests
An architectural view The roads seem mighty warped today An elephant hanging out at stonehenge
Those damn vandals Rhinos need to graze too A Kerran commanding from his tower
She just ate the meat off that beast A place of worship The mess halls of Befallen
Quite the overhaul Befallen's very own bloody altar Whatever happened at this mansion?
Seems pretty composed for a mummy One smart skeleton "This doesn't look too good"
The girls dislike regular pants I stole this helmet from a skeleton An Iksar battles the overgrown owl population
A Kerran monk A traveling circus act A Necromancer traveling Befallen
His club isn't nearly large enough The shadow test Poor guy's gonna get smashed
He just wants a hug! The bakery at Varsoon Varsoon's cloning facility
This place hasn't been used in ages A beetle in the armory
02.01.2003 Lastest batch of screenshots.
Whatchoo lookin at? A large room. The looks of an underground waterway.
Been dead long? I take that as a yes. Wall paintings of warriors.
Someone's got a potion a' brewin'. Looks like an Amazon.... Same Amazon, different background.
...same Amazon.... same back. Some ruins. Another area of ruins.
On the water. Great view Where's the gigantic oversized mallet when you need it?
A gryphon with it's wings spread. Same gryphon, from the front. Scary lookin' ogre man.
Oh dear... she hasn't had a chance to put on her face.... Looks like a stained glass window. Another large room.
...yet another large room... this time with pillars. A meeting place of some kind.
05.03.2002 First Screens
Looking down the hallway I don't think that's paint... Hangin' with the dead
A face only a mother could love A ransacked room A look of disbelief
A bridge, high above Little things flying about A rather large dragon
Barrells in a hallway An armored statue Rather Spartan living conditions
Down by the lake Another ugly foe A castle, surrounded by water
I see the light!
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