Dragon Force - Screen Shots
09.08.2000 Many Screens  
The title screen Pastoral Scene Happy town
Madruk Happy town meets Madruk Harsgalt
Harsgalt's closeup Harsgalt vs. Madruk Leon's intro
Gongos' intro Teiris' intro Reinhart's intro
A map screen Selecting a country Selecting a different country
Junon's bio Teiris' bio Wein's bio
Gongos' bio Mikhal's bio Leon's bio
Teiris chats with her advisors Elf queen of Palemoon Goldark on a rampage
Chosing 8 warriors Scar's tradgic past Lain and her cronies
An unpleasant meeting A happy encounter Speaking with generals
The map screen Western warzone Peace in the East
Examining kigdoms Reviewing generals A battle begins
Soldiers vs. Beastmen Chaotic combat Archers thinning out soldiers
First we crack the shell... ... then we crack the nuts inside! A general getting involved
Swarming dragons Teiris goes it alone Aftermath
  Old Screens  
A battle scene A dragon breathes flame over the battlefield A wizard casts a spell
A dragon breathes flame over the battlefield    
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