Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury - Review  

DBZ Cliffnotes Version Part 3
by kupomogli

Very Easy
6 - 10 hours


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   Dragon Ball Z is one of the most widely known anime series, this due to the fact that it's the first one many that don't live in Japan has ever seen before, and a favorite to many of the people who's seen the series. Because of this, it's actually the perfect series to base a game after, which is why we've seen it around so much.

   The sequel to the Gameboy Advance title Legacy of Goku 2, Buu's Fury takes you from where Gohan destroys Cell. From Goku fighting in the Other World Tournament, all the way through until you defeat Majin Buu and the end of the Dragon Ball Z series. While the Legacy of Goku titles told the storylines of the Dragon Ball Z series, this title does it alot better, many parts being taken straight from the series word for word, but other parts not giving as much of a detailed explanation. You'll also go through some movie storyline parts as well, but it doesn't give you any actual storyline to those parts except maybe a few sentences. Localization isn't a problem, as you won't find any errors throughout the game except one, which uses the spelling for Saiyan then in a single part spells it out Saiyajin instead.

   Walking around, battling and such, the game is more an action/adventure than an RPG, and while leveling up and finding as well as equipping equipment is in this game, I wouldn't call it as such either. You fight enemies that appear on the screen by attacking them, but you can also change your current special ability and use that as well. Transforming into a Super Saiyajin/Saiyan doesn't use any EP and makes your characters faster and stronger, a small bar in the corner refills when you're currently not in any transformation and lets you change again once it's full. When using your special abilities you lose EP, but in the Super Saiyan transformation, your time runs out quicker rather than wasting your EP. Unlike the other titles, this title is the first to let your allies equip any items, and while many of the items you'll see in the game are completely worthless, there are alot of rare ones you can find from killing enemies over and over, some being really powerful or useful.

   The world map is just like it is in Legacy of Goku 2, using mode 7 graphics, and being good for how they did it, and now you can control your height on the map as well, being used to enter certain areas, depending on whether they're on the ground or in the air. The thing that they messed up on, is that now there are no markers throughout the entire thing that tells where any of the previous dungeons or towns are, so when you're new to the game and not knowing where anything is at, it may take up to five minutes or even longer to find a place you're looking for in order to go back to.

   A thing many people don't like about the series music, is that the music isn't from Dragon Ball Z, and there is a good reason it's not from the series. The games are video games, not an anime series, and there has to be something different to them rather than pulling everything from the series. However though, while you won't hear any music from the Dragon Ball Z series in this title, the music itself sounds like something that could have been pulled from the series, and it's done pretty well. The sound effects are almost all taken from the other two titles, also being really good too.

   If you've ever played Legacy of Goku 2, the graphics really haven't changed much, just a bit more polished up, as well as new enemies, yet just like the others, the enemies will be redone in a few different colors, although the enemies are varied enough so it doesn't look that bad. While playing, the graphics are done in an overhead sortof way, like you might see in the Zelda series, except created to portray the Dragon Ball world instead.

   Anyways, the game is decent, adding alot of stuff the other titles didn't have, mostly sidequests which can be attempted at the very end of the game. However, the difficulty is so incredibly easy, most will probably just play it to catch up on the storyline and get all the secrets. If you are a big fan of the Dragon Ball series or you liked the other titles, then I'd recommend the game, but it's nothing really special, and it'd only be a decent playthrough for anyone else.

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