Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance - News
·Interplay Talks Gaming Future 04.16.2004  
·Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance GameCube Goes Gold 10.28.2002  
·Xbox Forges Dark Alliance 10.22.2002  
·Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance GameCube-Bound 09.19.2002  
·Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Xbox European Release 06.17.2002  
·Baldur's Gate Nabs AIAS Awards 03.27.2002  
·Yet Another Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Port 03.22.2002  
·Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance GBA Version Outed By Online Retailer 03.17.2002  
·Interplay Announces Xbox Port of Baldur's Gate 03.12.2002  
·Baldur's Gate Ports Incoming 01.10.2002  
·Baldur's Gate Opens to North America 12.04.2001  
·PS2 Baldur's Gate Goes Gold 11.05.2001  
·Vivendi to Distribute Interplay Titles 09.30.2001  
·Baldur's Gate Comes to PlayStation2 02.16.2001  
·Black Isle Announces Mystery RPG 02.08.2001  
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