Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn - News
·Baldur's Gate Nabs AIAS Awards 03.27.2002  
·Japanese Baldur's Gate II Patch 23037 Released 08.29.2001  
·Baldur's Gate II for Mac goes Gold 08.20.2001  
·Bioware Releases English Throne of Bhaal Patch Version 26498 08.18.2001  
·Two New Baldur's Gate II Patches for European Versions 07.26.2001  
·Baldur's Gate II Patch 23037 Released 07.18.2001  
·Baldur's Gate II Online Chat Scheduled 04.10.2001  
·Baldur's Gate II Expansion to Conclude Saga 03.31.2001  
·Baldur's Gate II / PlayStation 2 Confusion 11.09.2000  
·Interplay Announces Baldur's Gate II for PS2 11.08.2000  
·Baldur's Gate Franchise Pushed Over $20 Million Mark 10.19.2000  
·Black Isle Hard at Work 09.26.2000  
·Black Isle at E3 05.11.2000  
·Baldur's Gate II To Be a PS2 Launch Title? 03.25.2000  
·Baldur's Gate Sequel Announced 11.11.1999  
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